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Week 1 Complete

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The weekend went pretty well. I'm down from 201 to 192. 9lbs! I would really like to get down to 175 during this. I'm really tall and athletically built, so that isn't a bad weight for me. Not goal, but a weight where I can wear most of my clothes. It's what I weighed when I got married! I look back at honeymoon pictures and I looked really good. I was more muscular then, though. But we can work on that...

I busted my butt around the house this weekend, and I'm sore and feel puffy. I'm talking like 10 hours of strenuous work. Most on Saturday. I kinda hoping for a whoosh.... because this morning I woke up .5lbs higher than I was, but I'm pretty sure it's because I ate really late, I'm sore, and the steak I made was REALLY salty. Like bad. The steak seasoning I used has salt in it, but somewhere in the middle of ingredients. I think they lied. I don't even like salt.

So, lots of water and tea today and no more salty steak.

My goal for today is to continue avoiding fruit, eat salt free, and relax. I've been working hard. My dog spent the night at the vet yesterday- he's having seizures. He's never had them before. I was pretty distraught yesterday and really had to make myself eat. I had a hard time sleeping. So for the next several days I can't go anywhere- I have to watch him. So I'll just have to find things to do around the house. Which, now that my house is borderline sterile I will probably have a hard time with that! I'm sure I can find a corner to scrub. Maybe I'll organize the garage.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my results so far. I'm not nearing 800 calories by any means, but giving myself a little more wiggle room as far as foods go is making this much better this time. I'm also getting a little bit more creative with food than I was last time. Last round, I literally ate chicken and asparagus every. single. day. And two apples. Sometimes, I got crazy and made an itty bitty strawberry smoothie, but those seemed to make me stall.

If I start really slowing down I'll stick closer to protocol. The things I eat that aren't on it are JR shakes and eggs. Which........ really are the same thing right? The only on protocol veggie I'm interested in is spinach- been eating a lot of that. I do love asparagus- but eating it without mayo just isn't right. I don't want to force myself to eat things. I could do a stir fry with some chicken and asparagus with a little braggs aminos- that would be good. Maybe that will be tonights menu :-)

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  1. Ladydi63's Avatar
    That's awesome! I completed week one yesterday..lost 10 pounds although the last two days scales haven't budged. Gotta power through this. Lets keep it up!