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Weigh down

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Happy Thursday!! guys! Haven't been updating much I've been super busy. Today I woke up to a 3.5 weight loss. Hallelujah!!!!!! I have about 22 more pds to lose this round.

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  1. mraven99's Avatar
    Holy crap that's awesome!!!!!! How did u do it? I keep waiting and waiting for the woosh loss but it just won't come. I keep lowering my goal because my losses are sooooooo slow. I have 18 more pounds total. I no I won't achieve it this round so I will do a mini round. I lowered my goal to8 pounds in 16 days but I just feel like I will not last that long. 16 more days puts me at a 40 day round. Ugh!!!!
  2. Annie226's Avatar
  3. AimMee's Avatar
    Holy cow!! Congrats, that's a great loss!! Did you do anything different than normal? Are you at the beginning of your round?