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VLCD question for everyone :)

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I have a question for you. I am 5 pounds to goal and I wanted to stop this diet so I can eat something with my family on Easter but I will only have been on it 20 days and that is including the loading days. What is the difference between stopping a little early and a planed interruption? Everything I read says stick it out but I don't need to loose anymore and this is my second round of phase 2 this year. I just don't no what to do.

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  1. Ellyn's Avatar
    It is my understanding you can't do a planned interruption until you are beyond a short round (3 weeks).

    If you reach your goal weight in less than 3 weeks, you increase calories to 800-1000 because you have no more bad fat to use and you will become extremely hungry at 500 calories. Do this until you reach the end of your short round (per Dr S).

    I commented on this on your previous question on what to do if you reach goal before the end of your round.
  2. LovelyStacy's Avatar
    1st & for most as long as you stay on for a minimum of 23 days you should be okay stopping. Remember to continue the VLCD for 3 days after though.
    2nd & very very importantly... You should NOT plan an interruption ESPECIALLY during P3. P3 is a very important & crucial phase. You don't want to cheat during that phase. You don't want to mess up your stabilization.

    Good luck!
  3. Marygeezee's Avatar
    I did a planned interruption last year on day 15 of VLCD. I was off P2 and only ate strictly P3 foods for 4 days. When I got back from my mini vacation I had only gained 2 pounds, and jumped back into p2 to finish my round. I lost 20 pounds total. Hope that helps