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Starting P2 tomorrow

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This is my 3rd round and just I completed my 2 loading days...I feel like I need to barf!!!! Lol. I am very excited to start!!! It seems like the last rounds I start struggling about 6 month, my weight kept inching up!!!! Argh!!! Wish me luck!!!! Glad to be back!!!

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  1. Leez's Avatar
    Wishing you luck, as requested! I love the exhilaration of P2 whre the scale goes down nearly every day, and sometimes in large chunks.

    I've had that same problem of staying stable for a few months after a round and then slowly gaining again, so I sympathize with you. I hope we both get it figured out eventually!
  2. Annie226's Avatar
    Thanks Leez, good luck!!!
  3. Ellyn's Avatar
    I just ended my first day of loading and I'm feeling like I just want to hang out in my jammie pants for the next few days LOL