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Bridget Marie

Completely Happy

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Woke up to a almost 5 pound lose to be exact it was 4.8 and in the past this has never happened before so I am excited. I made some changes and its too early to tell but I am almost positive as to why there is such a significant change right off the bat. Stevia in the Raw don't use it! My past rounds I never lost almost 5 pounds in one day but about that much for the whole week. Just made up a new hcg victory dance.

However, I am hungry and I am not sure why but my stomach is growling and its hard to describe the difference but no it is not just an emotion but a pain. I hope my hcg is good as I have had it unmixed in my fridge for about a year. I am going to search other postings for an answer to this. I just hope it is due to the loss and so time will tell too. I just know I am not giving in to it.

I also wanted to chime in about a product I really like as my hair feels and looks great Magick Botanicals - oil free shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo didn't have a soapy later so I was disappointed but then the conditioner really seems to penetrate my hair and nourish it but without a dry head I never can tell if a new product done something for me. I was amazed my hair was shiny, not weighed down and has not looked and felt so good in a really long time. I do recommend it! They also have an oil free all in one body and face wash and oil free lotion. I bought a trial size it came with hair spray and gel just not sure if I can use those.

Good luck to all the hcg'ers out there making it happen.
Looking forward to hot wings today and keeping busy.

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  1. amalorpam's Avatar
    hi Bridget, It is not normal to feel hungry. Are you taking drops/inj? Maybe you should adjust your dose? Are you familiar with hcg chica? Watch her videos or read her blogs. Might give you a better understanding about hunger and dosing.
  2. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    I love hcgchica no worries I upped my dose and hunger went away thanks for your help!