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Bridget Marie

I am coming back to lose

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I am back

Not too thrilled at how much weight I gained but glad I am not willing to stay there and continue to gain more. I have been in the process of getting everything ready as I just cooked and used my food saver to store 60 meals and froze up 20 soups. I did this all today and I am tired! Glad its over. I also bought Jay Robbs protein shakes the trial whey and egg white ones so I have 12 of those to mix in so long as I don't stall or gain with them because I remember not being able to take any more chicken, beef or steak.

The planning process for this diet is the hardest part. I bought all the supplies I need also including all the flavored stevia, teas and the oil free hygiene. I am prepared to do this. I want this really bad. I have been so encouraged seeing all the success stories of others who have done the diet and kept the weight off. I want to be a success story, I want to feel good in my skin. For almost two weeks I was riding my bike vigorously for 45 minutes, walking for 30 minutes and also jogging for 20 minutes 5 days a week, eating 1,000 calories a day and having a 1,000 calories plus deficient to think I only lost two pounds through all that made me run back to this protocol.

I am going to do this as strict to protocol as I can perhaps Dr. Simeons was not familiar with protein shakes as they was not around??? Minus that trial everything else I want exactly the way it should be. I also think I will rarely eat those melba toast except when really necessary. I want to start like tomorrow but I am going to wait till TOM comes and once out of the way so I don't have to ride that roller coaster of water retention and emotional madness then the race to the finish line will begin.

I have made weight loss my priority and journaling my thoughts and keeping a food journal is my plan. I hope to make new friends on here..... I hope to succeed because failure is not an option especially in terms of letting my self down and all the money I would waste. I can do this is my slogan.

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Updated September 2nd, 2014 at 09:00 AM by Bridget Marie



  1. Leez's Avatar
    You can be a success story. Everyone that is did it by just doing it one day at a time. Best of luck to you. How's it going so far?
  2. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    Thanks so much Leez, I am waiting for TOM and other then that I am ready to do this everyday that passes I am thinking I better get my carbs in now so not too good of thinking there was thinking I should diet in case it takes a few weeks but I am up in the air about what to do. It may not come till the end of the month but since it is never on time I don't know. Thanks so much your too kind your post about no worrying how many rounds it will take really inspired me so I had to add you!
  3. snoppy48's Avatar
    60 Meals? Wow I'm impressed, having a hard time with that as I'm not fond of cooking :/ can you share any, easy for dummies ones
  4. Bridget Marie's Avatar


    I really recommend the Bella three pot crock pot, a griddle mine is the reversible I love to do my steak on the grill side and use the flat surface for my hamburgers. I love to buy the bag of chicken breast tenderloins and bake to pans full at a time and season them with some Red Hot sauce. I eat 2 tenderloins I pair the small one with a bigger one or do two small ones and don't even weigh you may want to weigh both just to make sure they come close to the 100 grams.. Ok so next easiest way to get things done is grilling your meats outside. I generally cut my cabbage up and boil a big pot of cabbage then add my tenderloins in and season to taste.

    I buy some microwavable containers and use either freezer bags or vacuum seal for freshness. I also like to take my frozen cooked meals out and place in fridge the night before to reduce microwave use.

    Here is a very helpful video to show how to get the cooking done quickly


    I use better freezer containers though....
    You want to make an even number for example I used 6 different types of meats. White meat: Tilapia , Shrimp, chicken and red meats steak, lean hamburger and, veal so I made a 60 meals the ratio looked like this 15 Steaks/ 15 chicken 10 hamburger/ 10 tilapia 5 shrimp/ 5 veal
    then I made different meals with them so as to not get bored
    Here is a list of my meals
    Steak with tomatoes and 0 cal, o carbs hot sauce with diced tomatoes Chile I do put in some fresh cilantro for flavor onion powder and garlic salt to taste
    Stir fry steak and tomatoes no oil do use brags amino, garlic and onion powder
    Steak all by itself to eat with lettuce I use red hot sauce as my dressing makes a great spicy salad, or steak with asparagus or spinach

    Hamburger into very thin patties it makes you think your eating a big hamburger on lettuce
    Hamburger ground same as the steak Chile with tomatoes and hot sauce.
    You can do cabbage drained with onion powder and salt and hamburger it is good.
    Cabbage rolls directions are online under hcg cabbage rolls
    Taco salad with lettuce hamburger and hot sauce just cook some hamburger portions

    Those are a few ideas youtube has so many ideas TOO!!!! yummy creative ones.

    Good luck!!