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Bridget Marie

Wake me Up When October Ends

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So today is day 1 after all that gorging I can really see an increase in my cravings for sugar laden foods that is for sure. Wow and to think yesterday I was just saying how much I couldn’t wait to start the diet my mentality today was darn it I should have made sure to try out that cinnamon bun oatmeal I bought but forgot about, and oh yes I definitely forgot to get the staple of my recently found habit the infamous once a week vanilla shake from McDonalds with a cherry on the top. None the less I am not here to already start complaining I am just being honest about my problems with a conforming to a healthy lifestyle and change.

Honesty is the best policy and denial is something that is best suited for cold weather. A person like me who has the comfort of cold weather on the horizon knowing that all those extra layers of clothing can then help me hide the mistakes made. Well I am actually trying to retrain my thoughts you know Like really… how do you expect to change if you keep giving in to quitting. How will I ever have a summer where I feel comfortable in my skin if I don’t make the change and so that is why I am starting now in Mid-September! There is plenty of time to get to where I am going.

I will remind myself through each challenge and the cravings that this is temporary as it will take sacrifice and nothing good ever comes without hard work. Chances are with some redirecting and encouraging myself, being my biggest fan that I can cheer my way through all the daily challenges and battle my mind with this longing to be a healthier person. I do not have split personality disorder either it is just there is one angel on one shoulder telling me I can do this and a devil on the other telling me one piece of cake won’t hurt. Well time to tell that devil to get behind me so to speak it is my time now.

I love to hear other success stories it is seeing that other people have climbed the mountain, have conquered giants, have taken control of their weight problems and in the process look and feel great. I look up to

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  1. Minal's Avatar
    Hi,today is my first day of VLCD. The first day of gorging I was thinking Oh when will I start the diet. And the truth is on day 3 of gorging I was thinking if I could get one more day of gorging. My first day of VLCD was good. No hunger, I was feeling calm. I skipped the melba toast and yippe I am sure I can give myself a direction in these 21 days.
    I am doing hcg for learning to loose focus from food. I will be investing more time in creative work rather than finding recipes for P2 and P3. I am going to take raw vegetables and whey protein (isopure Zero carb)
  2. Bridget Marie's Avatar

    I just now seen your post I hope things are going well for you my curiosity is quite sparked. I think the hardest part of this plan is in the beginning as with time you just develop new habits and it does get easier. I think the mental part like stalling can create problems with motivation to continue on but otherwise the next challenge is when your almost to p3 as time seems to go so slowly. Hope your round is going GREAT! Sounds like you have a great plan.