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Welp im totally screwed. Booo!!

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Welp my hcg bottle fell on the floor and broke. sigh and it was pretty much full. Since i live all the way in africa, buying again and shipping etc is more than i can afford right now. So i guess i have no other alternative but to go to p3 after only 5days on p2 and just hope to the weight loss gods that i can lose weight on my own till i can afford to buy a new bottle and the ups/fedex international shipping charges.

i started at 206.8 and todays weigh in i was 200.8. I did have a major slip up on sunday -- ate a whole bunch of cashews, almonds and pistachios. My weight over the weekend was 199.6, so i.m up by 1.2.

Just have to keep on telling myself each day that i just have to be patient, the weight gain didnt just happen over night

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  1. Blak Porsche's Avatar
    Wow... so sorry to hear about that! :-(
  2. Determined10's Avatar
    Where in Africa do you live? I know someone else on this site that is from South Africa.
  3. Anna77's Avatar
    Sorry about that
  4. bebifal's Avatar