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Dang Dang Dang

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I keep saying there is no finish line. and I hate it when I'm right.

Just when I finally thought I had this thing wired with the slight increase of T3--- I am all higgly piggly again. (Or is that Piggly Wiggly? No, that's an old grocery store chain!)

I read that I am supposed to take my T3 split up in 2 to 4 doses a day, and especially need to take one before bed as the body needs T3 the most while you sleep and all the cellular level repairs are in process. I started that last week and have been battling the increased heart rate/ out of "puff" feeling that is a warning sign that you are taking too much! I have been taking 50mcg every a.m. for a year, and increased to 75 without a problem, but started taking 25 at bedtime and took 25 first thing in the morning... heart rate up from my usual 66 top 90! Did not take it again all day. I've tried lowering one to 12.5 and then both to 12.5 and still could not take any more all day, waiting for the out of breath feeling to wear off. So, instead of my usual 50, I've been down to 12.5 and still having a problem!

My weight has increased EVERY DAY for a week, going up almost 3 pounds since I started and going from 1.4 UNDER to 1.8 OVER in a week. Eating Exactly like always. ARRGGGGGHHHH. Today I did not take my usual T4 in case that is a factor and did not take any morning dose of T3... but took the 25 last night before bed. So far so good. BUT---I quit taking B12 shots a few months back due to monetary considerations... and symptoms of low B12 are ALSO rapid heart beat, out of breath and lightheadedness...and I've been having light headedness a lot lately.

So, is it the darn T3, which I tolerated so well for so long, or is it something else. I am just .2 from going out of the the Above Window today. Dang dang dang.


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Updated August 12th, 2014 at 08:21 AM by PearlyMae



  1. PearlyMae's Avatar
    PS; I've been splitting my T3 into two doses, one before bed and one before lunch, and finally, it seems to be just right. Weight seems very stable, but I still watch every bite! Just sayin...P