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Giving it one last one go.

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It's been almost a year since I last attempted around. It was a complete and utter failure - a disaster, really - and I completely went off the rails. I was also bummed to feel that the dynamic on this site had shifted over time and had become more catty, judgmental, bossy, and rude. So, I disappeared. I disappeared from the site and from the diet. And then I rediscovered myself back at 175lbs. Sigh.

I've been through a lot this year in my personal life; much more than I'd care to rehash. But I got through it and my head is still being held high and I'm ready to finally devote all of my time and energy to ME. YES!

2015 is going to be a brand new me type of year, in more ways than just my dress size. To the old schoolers on the boards, please don't be offended at my lack of interaction. I'm sticking around the blogs and not much else. But if you're reading this, say hi!! Or send a PM, even. I'm just not interested in the threads. Sorry.

Can't wait to get moving. Loading day 1 is today!!

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  1. LovesMeSausagePibble's Avatar
    I'm a newbie to the diet and the boards so I can't speak for the experience of the boards changing here. Having been a regular on forums that had a dramatic shift, I can understand the frustration at the loss of a community you devoted a lot of time to.

    I'm not really active on the forums here although I do go to them to search out answers to my questions as they arise or to find new recipes. It doesn't seem to be particularly active on the boards.

    I am posting weekly in the blogs and find that that is helpful to my journey. I hope you'll have a better web experience with the blogs. Hurray for you taking the initiative to take back control of your health. I wish you much success!
  2. Jarret's Avatar
    If you do have any issues with members please let me know and I can take a look into it
  3. Joyishappee's Avatar
    Good luck!! Don't worry about others. It's your time to shine!! Xo Joy
  4. missesrita's Avatar
    Wishing you a GREAT 2015! I was on these daily when i first started on HCG back in 2010. Got to my goal weight, got more active, haven't been on the boards either, but ... it's that time again for me as well. Time for new year, another round or 2 and get back down to where I should be. Between hormones and working from home full time, i've gained. New year, new goals, new challenges, and bags of clothes that i'd like to fit into again! Good luck!
  5. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    Hi AimMee....we have been through this before! I have not been on the blogs much because they were just not the same as they were way back in 2011!!!!! I cant explain why but the feeling of "family" just was not the same, so I rarely post...but seeing you and curvygirl again makes me want to say hi! I started another round 9 days ago and am down 14 pounds and 4.5 inches (I only take measurements once a week so who knows what the inches are today). We all know this diet works, we just have to work with it! Have a great round and know that you have friends out here! Good luck