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Let's Go to the Movies!

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I declared Date Night tonight. My boyfriend and I are on day 5 of HCG now, and I want to see The Hobbit! He wants movie snacks. I have no idea what to give him =\

The Numbers:
Pre-load: 269.2
Post-load: 272.7
VLCD1: 269.6 (-3.1)
VLCD2: 267.2 (-2.4)
VLCD3: 265.4 (-1.8)
VLCD 4: 264.4 (-1)

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  1. AimMee's Avatar
    You should give him a pat on the back, a pinch on the butt, and the motivation to stay on protocol.
  2. Aquatica's Avatar
    Have fun on date night! I was thinking the same thing tonight, going to a movie, but there wasn't anything I wanted to see at the discount theater. If he hasn't had his 2nd fruit, he could always have you take sliced apples with lemon/stevia in a bag (stuffed in your purse) with a small wet wipe. That should help with the snack cravings! Great losses too Maggie!