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VLCD 3 - the cookies

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VLCD 3 went well. No hunger, no complaints....until I went to church last night.

I'm going through confirmation right now, and the sweet ladies who come and watch 'all the cute kids' (I'm the adult in the middle school class) go through confirmation insist on bringing snacks. I successfully avoided them, but man, the will power! I'm sitting with a giant container of reeses chips ahoy in front of me going 'no...no....no...'
I finally had one of the guys move the cookies away.
I survived!

The Numbers:
Pre-load: 269.2
Post-load: 272.7
VLCD1: 269.6 (-3.1)
VLCD2: 267.2 (-2.4)
VLCD3: 265.4 (-1.8)

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  1. Aquatica's Avatar
    Glad you survived the temptation of those cookies! You can do it Maggie, and great job on your losses! The first week is the best and then you start slowing down into week 2 and 3 that I've noticed. Maybe next time you could bring a snack too of a healthier choice like a veggie tray?
  2. maggiep's Avatar
    I think that's probably a good idea! I was thinking 'why aren't there orange slices!' they are all middle school athletes (basket ball player, a runner and a football player)...we should be eating healthy!
  3. Joyishappee's Avatar
    I feel your pain girl! I'm a server so I'm surrounded by yummy temptations all the time!! Out of sight, out of mind! Keep up the great work! Xo Joy