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TOM, success, church retreat

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Oops, forgot to log!!
TOM just started 2 days early, oops! I'm still settling coming off of depo and starting a new job, but it's alwasy within 2 days of the rigth time. I seem to remember HCG messing with my period last time, but this time there's no gain, there's no cramps...just daily life!
I don't know how to handle TOM on hcg...do you increase veggies or anything to compensate for blood loss?

Weigh-in today was a good moment for me -- my goal for this round is only 3 pounds away! We are doing a minimal round, 23 days, to lose weight prior to pictures but not be food restricted in time for my boyfriend's sister's wedding. Seems like I'll make my goal and more! I wanted to lose 15ish pounds.

The big hurdle will be this weekend. I am going through confirmation at Church, and this weekend is a middle school weekend retreat. Though I'm a grown adult, I am a confirmation student, and therefore chaperoning the weekend to participate. I have a cooler packed with 'approved' food....please oh please don't let me cheat!

Pre-load: 269.2
Post-load: 272.7
VLCD1: 269.6 (-3.1)
VLCD2: 267.2 (-2.4)
VLCD3: 265.4 (-1.8)
VLCD4: 264.4 (-1)
VLCD5: 262.6 (-0.8)
VLCD6: 261.2 (-1.4)
VLCD7: 260.8 (-0.4)
VLCD8: 261.6 (+0.8) Tea
VLCD9: 260.4 (-1.2)
VLCD10: 260.4
VLCD11: 258.4 (-2)

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  1. LovesMeSausagePibble's Avatar
    Incredible progress! Good on you for planning ahead with a cooler of snacks that are safe for you. How is your weekend full of temptation going? I hope you'll have a strong resolve. If you do end up cheating, forgive yourself, and push forward. You've got this!

    It looks like you're going to hit your goal and then some. What wonderful encouragement!

    I was on depo for over two years and it was a huge pain in the rear end for me weight-wise, although seriously the most convenient birth control I've ever experienced. I hope your body will be kind while you wean yourself away. Are you planning to stay off depo indefinitely or just for your diet rounds?
  2. maggiep's Avatar
    I will never ever use depo again.
    My doctor and I found an amazing pill, and it's simple!