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P2VLCD2 - It's ON!

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There is always that worry in the first few days if your hcg is 'good' or not - no hunger, so we have a good batch!

Gained 7.6 loading, lost 4.4 yesterday and hope to have the rest of the 'loaded' lbs gone in the next couple of days so I can start chipping away at the REAL reason I'm in P2 = 163.4.

Excited about P2, because it's a little work-out vacation. I've bucked the system and tried in rounds past to hit the gym but it slows my losses and increases my appetite - not worth it. I walk 30-45 mins a day and that should be enough for the next few weeks. then I will return to my regular workouts.

I figured if I could find 7 meals (that could work for lunch and dinner) that I could cycle and only eat each meal 7 times over the course of the round (I mix my veggies, always have with great success):

1 Sauteed lemon/garlic chicken (precooked) in lemon and a little water with diced cabbage, asparagus and cabbage
2 Chicken salad : spring lettuce, radish, cucumber, chicken. Dressing: lemon juice, ACV, ground mustard and garlic
3 Grilled Carne Asada wrapped in lettuce with hubby's homemade salsa
4 Grilled beef Filet and steamed Asparagus
5 Crockpot Chili : cubed london broil, tomatoes, onion and garlic
6 Fish and sautéed spinach
7 Beef or chicken or shrimp lettuce wraps

VLCD2 and feeling great!

I guess I need 10 posts until I can fix my little lilyslim graphic - working on it.

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  1. Annie226's Avatar
    That is a great idea!!! I get so tired of eating the same ole things.
  2. LovesMeSausagePibble's Avatar
    It sounds like you're making great progress so far! No hunger is the absolute best. I love the break from regularly working out during P2 as well. It's nice to let life slow down a smidge.

    I think your meal plan is a fantastic idea! I might have to borrow it for my next round.

    Good luck on your continued losses!