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Shelly Berg

Excited to discouraged so easily

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Stalled for second day......ok i know this is normal and I have lost 6 lbs in a week, but when you are eating such a VLCD and stabbing yourself every morning, it gets frustrating when you get used to losing a pound a day. I start to question myself.....will this be as far as I can go? Without seeing that dramatic weight loss daily will I have the willpower to stick with this? I hope so. I'm still not feeling hungry and have been ok with my food choices.

Lets see what today brings.....hopefully it sees another pound gone but I'm not holding my breath.

SW - 159.5
CW - 153.6

Goal 140

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  1. roberts's Avatar
    Stalls are actually a good thing...it is your body adjusting to lost fat. Your body is incredibly complicated and it takes time for it to adjust to major changes like the loss of several pounds of fat or water. Many things are going on internally and biochemically that take time. Once they have occurred the body will then adjust to the changes and you can continue to lose more weight. Sometimes it takes longer than others. Especially if you are at or near a previous weight you maintained for a while. Your body will sort of stick at that place and fight you for a few days or even a week or more until it finally gives up and lets go of the weight until you hit another lower previous weight.

    Patients is the key on HCG. Things will happen but at your body's pace...not what you want it to do. Sometimes the stalls go right up to the end of a round. That is just the way it is sometimes; however, what you may not notice is the loss in inches during that time. The diet is Pounds and Inches for a good reason...you will lose both and usually not at the same time. If you get to the end of a round and want to lose more then go through P3 and P4 and do another round. I have done 5 so far and I still lose enough to keep coming back when I need to.

    Good luck and try to be patient with yourself...it will happen; just no your YOUR schedule.