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Bridget Marie

The prize to be won is health

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I get so impatient, so frustrated, so tired of the protocal. So I think what should I do to keep on track and the best way is to just not think about it so much. I am happier to not put a time frame on me being a certain weight by a certain time. It drives me crazy that I plan and never keep the plan so what I am trying to do differently is just celebrate each day as a day of success this is the day that I will be accountable for, to eat right, to get in enough fluids and to pat myself on the back once in bed knowing that I accomplished success and no matter what that (depending upon what is says to me beautiful/ugly) scale says it don't matter as long as I was committed. I don't want to focus on how many days I have left but that I accomplished 21 days and have lost 17 pounds.... wow that keeps me more motivated then ever.

In a perfect world I would be thin tommorrow but what is better is once the time comes to pass to look back and say I made it there finally because I did not cave into impatience, not being disciplined, not being committed. So yes I will eat my apple, oarange and same ol same because one day I will not have to suffer myself... did I say suffer I am not really suffering... just that emotional use to be rises up and wants to detain my thoughts. No not happening anymore... I remind myself why I started in the first place.

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  1. KMR70's Avatar
    Beautiful attitude! I'll tell my story later, but how are you doing now with p/3-p4?
  2. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    Not there I am planning on going another 20 days but this go round I am training my mind that P3 is super important as is p4 but I do want to eat p3 mainly for life. I would love to hear your story