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Wow! I won't lie, today was rough. Much harder than day one induction on Atkins. I did really good though staying on protocol. No cheats. "Pop" as they say. I think I've visited the loo about 30 times today. Drank a lot of tea trying to conquer the hunger. Apples never tasted so good.
No headache today but my blood sugar did drop twice. That's when I ate my Apple to feel normal again.

This is hard with kids I'll tell ya. That leftover chicken nugget was calling my name. :-) But I won and threw it away. Making spaghetti for the family tonight was also bothersome. Not so much the spaghetti but the ground beef we always have with it was taunting me. I could have eaten that entire pound no problem. But nope.

I wore medical gloves every time I had to touch food that wasn't mine. Stuff like the chicken nuggets, cheese and cashews. I was also sure to wear playtex gloves washing greasy dishes. **** I know but I don't want to compromise all my efforts.

As it turns out I only gained 1.4 pounds during loading. I'm very much amazed over that because I ate a ton of food. Had those two days been any normal day I would have gained at least 4-5 pounds.

Well I'm closing the books on day one feeling a bit hungry, not discouraged though and hoping bedtime gets here quick before the hunger sets in again.

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  1. happytobehere's Avatar
    I'm following your blog now. I keep reading that we're not supposed to be hungry, but I wanted to eat everything when I tried HCG, so I caved after the fifth day (3rd VLCD). I believe that my injections were off, but I just couldn't get it straight and I was so focused on my hunger that I couldn't function. I am taking a break and starting over next Monday (05/04). I hope by following you I can get the courage to hang in there. I have no baby to thank for my weight gain...my kids are 19 and 14. I looked great when they were small You are inspiring...I like how down to earth you are in your posts. I realistically have 40 pounds to lose. If I want to reach a true happy-with-myself place, I will lose another 12 pounds after that. Hang in there and please keep posting! I am sure I'm not the only person following you.
  2. Myyear's Avatar
    Thank you, happy for your kind words. I'm not sure how much of an inspiration I am but I'm glad to be of some help and motivation to you.

    It really doesn't matter how much weight any of us have to lose. All of us are thinking the same thing, it's not pretty, it's depressing, that can't possibly be me in the mirror or photo. How'd I let myself go this far? Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and I think Hcg is our answer.
    Don't beat yourself up. Do your fist vlcd's on days where you don't have to work. I knew on my load days that my injections were too high. Well on the second loading day I figured it out. I ate 8 krispy kream, cream filled doughnuts and could have eaten more. I was never full. Reading other posts, they had a hard time stuffing themselves and that was my clue that I was too high. I lowered from 150 to 140 and still too high. 110 the next day (today) worked much better. Now that I have 4 injections in, when I need to adjust, I'll skip a dose to better figure out which direction I need to adjust based on my hunger.
    Btw, I have about 60 pounds to lose so I feel ya. I'd be happy losing just 40 to bring me to 150 but why stop there?