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P3, Day 1 report

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This is a re-cap from the post I made. I might end up posting strictly in my Blog.

Yesterday was my first full day on P3. I did my best to stick to the "plenty of protein, healthy fats, no carbs or sugar" rules. Breakfast was a scrambled eggs with herbs in olive oil, watermelon, and coffee w/unsweetened almond milk for a creamer. Lunch was a beef pattie, avocado, and more watermelon. Dinner was scallops wrapped bacon. Throughout the day I drank a lot of water, mostly because I was doing heavy digging work in my garden. Yesterday I completely neglected my vegetables, no no no!!! I tried to put salsa on my burger, but when I looked at the ingredients they said sugar, so I ran the burger under some water and washed it all off.


6/4/15 LIW 155.5
Weight after P3/1 155.5

Today for breakfast I had 1/4 an avocado, some watermelon and unsweetened coconut milk beverage in my coffee.

This is much easier than I thought it would be, but I'm still going to print out those lists in the Stickies so I have them handy. My willpower around the brownies at church was much easier than I thought it would be.

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Round 1


  1. River57's Avatar
    Hey Blue Aura! No protein for breakfast? I'm finding P3 easier that I thought too.
  2. BlueAura's Avatar
    Hi River!

    Yeah I skipped the protein yesterday. And it turns out I'm up today a pound anyway. Weird how that is.