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I've been exploring the idea that I may have a hormonal imbalance. According to my bloodwork-- ALL of my hormones are within appropriate range... however after much research, I found that their are optimal numbers for various hormones. It seems that when these hormones are in optimal range, one would experience a better sense of well being. Although I can't complain about my well being, I am complaining about my thinning hair. And thinning hair seems to be a side effect of these hormones NOT being at optimal range. I also have fatigue, but with the schedule that I keep, it's no wonder. I have no time for myself.
As most doctors that are on insurance plans do not deal with optimal levels of hormones I needed to find a specialist.
I've seen a doctor who was not on my insurance and paid out of pocket for the entire medical following ( bloodwork, saliva test, office visits and f/u visit). The only info that I was given, is that my hormones are in range and that I possibly MAY have digestive issues. This doctor advertises that she is an expert in hormones and aging as well as nutrition. I thought that I hit the jackpot. Little did I know, that the doctor was more interested in me purchasing supplements from "her company" and adhering to her diet plan ( which included 2 liquid meals a day) than she was with helping me to put my hormones into the optimal ranges.
The doctors advice to me was that I have a high level of stress. I need to reduce my stress and take supplements to help with what she diagnosed as deficient nutrition. She would not listen to me, when I told her that I consume a minimum of 12 cups of veggies everyday along with lean proteins and healthy fats. I eat fish 4-5 times a week. I LOVE veggies!

I don't believe that I am nutrient deficient. I have dieted on and off throughout the years, but it has always been a high veggie, lean protein with healthy fats kinda of diets except for hcg of course. I always lose weight while on the structured plans-- it's that I can't maintain the weight loss once I go on maintenance. The last diet ( prior to hcg) that I did was the fmd.
Prior to fmd, I was tired but not exhausted. My hair was thinning for about 4 years now, and I had trouble maintaining my low weight. I occasionally had gas, but no bloating.
Prior to hcg I occasionally had some gas. And I had difficulty maintaining my lost weight without being on a structured plan.
During fmd I experienced complete exhaustion, bloating, gas, and continued hair loss.

My continued use of hcg throughout several years could be the source of my thinning hair. It is a lot of stress on the body. However, there have been months ( anywhere from 6-10) where I have not done hcg and still experienced the hair loss. It could be an after effect as well.

I am taking all avenues into consideration.

I don't believe I have a digestive issue. I do believe some foods irritate my stomach/intestines. I abstain from those foods.
When I abstain, I have no bloating, and no gas.

My hormones are within "normal range" but are not in optimal range. This could be a reason why my hair is thinning. Many woman lose their luxurious locks as they age-- but is it normal? Or is it that our hormones are in normal range but not optimal? hmmm....

If I am able to maintain my losses from this round-- then I would still have 1 more round to go. After that, I would be done.. I'm guessing if my thinning hair is due to the weight loss than it would take about a years time from now until it would start to resolve itself.

After P2, I'm planning on doing an elimination diet- I have done these before with confusing results. But I am going to try again. I have an appointment with my gp, and have found a functional doctor who I will call and ask many questions before I go and spend lots of $$$.

I'm wondering if my thinning hair is due to quick weight loss-- would it return back to being lush?

Why ohhh why isn't anybody doing any research on this????

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  1. Rizzo542's Avatar
    I know that after every time I do this diet, I do seem to have above normal hair loss. It doesn't last much longer than a month or so, and then it goes back to normal. Not sure why it does this, but I have noticed it in the past. But that's my own personal opinion. I wouldn't stress yourself out on it too much.