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Round 4 P2 D19

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I've done several rounds and have lost track-- but for the sake of keeping track, I'm calling this round #4.

Day 19 and down 13.6 lbs.... this is not including the load gain/loss. My losses are fluctuating for P2-- they range from 19-22lb.. I am hoping for 22 lbs this time... but being that I am almost half way done and my losses will slow considerably from here on out- I don't think I will get that 22 off.
I've decided that I will definitely do a planned interruption. Last night, the hubs showed me the website of the place that we are going to... it's called Cove Haven in the Poconos, Pa. He booked 2 nights/3 days in a suite with a Champaign Glass tub.. The package is all inclusive-- so we'll be eating our meals at their restaurants. And if memory of past experiences serves me-- the foods will not be clean. I will stick to P3 style eating.
When we get back, my hs reunion-- which I can refrain from eating-- but it's $129 per person and a cash bar-- that's a lot of money to spend ( with the hubs= $260) not to eat...
Then there is the Grand Ball-- I'm sure I can have some steamed shrimp or something to that effect...
I am actually looking forward to returning to P2 after all of this-- maybe it will be a shock to my body and I will have a grand loss the first returning week-- a girl could hope!

I'm at the point where I am getting bored with P2.. having cravings for something... not sure what-- which isn't good. Spices? Sweets? Carbs?-- yes! definitely Carbs! I relish in eating my melba toast-- I just think about eating the whole box!
I'm sure these cravings will pass in time, and I will be rewarded with a drop in my inches..

Feeling good. Trying to keep my water consumption up..

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  1. Leez's Avatar
    Stay strong.... I often read about people who had a nice loss after a planned interruption....you might just make that 22 pounds. You have a plan, and thats the best way to ensure success.

    All the best in your celebrating! The Poconos suite sounds fun. We stayed there once in a room with a heart-shaped jacuzzi. I know, totally tacky, but so what?....it was really fun.
  2. Rizzo542's Avatar
    Have you thought about not eating the melba to continue the weight loss? I don't eat the melba or grissini because it messes with me. I do however miss an occasional english muffin. They look so good when my servers make them for our guests!