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Another round--week 2 done

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Today is the last day of week 2 for me. I somehow was able to manage to lose 4 pounds this week. Considering I started off the week with a 2 day stall, I made a huge comeback. I'm feeling good. Got my dose corrected and feeling no hunger and plenty of energy. I'm right at 110. I don't know why I decide to start at 125.. My last round ended at 110.. I'll have to make a mental note of that for any future rounds.
Today, I lost a whole pound which put me at my LIW from last round. I've got another 5 pounds to lose to get to "virgin" weight.
I'm trying really hard to drink liquids. Mostly supplementing tea for water- as I find it hard to drink water on a cold winters day. Green tea and herbal teas- non flavored.. sometimes I add a splash of fresh lemon juice.. no sweeteners. I've grown to dislike the taste of stevia and all the "other" sugars. I prefer to just go without.
One thing that's different this round, is the hubs has been more supportive. Occasionally he forgets, but he's been so much better. I am feeling thankful for his support. He's been trying not to eat off protocol foods in front of me.. and if something has a delicious odor-- he asks me, if it will bother me... I LOVE THAT!!
Hoping the next week goes as smoothly as this past week.. Tom is expected to visit..

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  1. Rizzo542's Avatar
    yay, you sound awesome! and like you've hit your stride!