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Another round 3 done

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Wow, 3 weeks done.. I feel like I've been eating P2 forever. It's amazing how easily my mind is forgetting my past food addictions. I'm thankful for that forgetfulness. It was a tough week. Tom being 4 days late-- what's up with that?! Certainly not usual for me. Only time that EVER happened to me, was when I was pregnant. I don't want to overthink it. Could be the beginning of some bodily changes.. or maybe the fact that I started my round 12 days before Tom was due. I don't know..
This past week wasn't a great one with weight loss.. only 1.4 lbs down. HMMM--- that's below my average. A bit disappointing for sure. I was hoping to be within 10 lbs of goal, but it looks as if I won't make that. Just when I think I only have 1 round left-- it all changes.. UGH!!!!
Hopefully, now that Tom has arrived, I can get back to losing again and see some downward movement on the scale.

I'm feeling positive and satisfied in my efforts. I'm not having any cravings or hunger. However, I really want to exercise and lift some weights. My biggest mistake-- was not to return to lifting weights during my last P4. This P4, I plan to get into a daily routine so that I can continue during my next P2.. should I have another P2..

I'm half way through my P2... and still wishing for it to be over. I do miss eating the larger volume of food. Primarily, because I am finished eating so quickly- while everyone else is still eating and socializing. It's something that I will have to work on.. the socializing aspect.. with food. So much of my life evolves around socializing. In the beginning, I would keep myself away from such situations. I wasn't mentally strong enough to be around the eating fest. I am stronger now.. but still have that desire to be a part of the group.. but I don't want the consequences of the actions.. such a dilemma!!!

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  1. Rizzo542's Avatar
    HCG always does weird things to my period. It usually lasts longer... and either early or late. Glad you've got your hunger and cravings under wraps.. makes things much more bearable. Are you going to do another round? Or just continue eating right and exercising to drop the last few? I hear you on wanting more quantity too. i like more than justa cup of food. SOup is the only thing that makes me feel full
  2. kapluzie123's Avatar
    I'm just taking it phase by phase for now. I do have a goal weight in mind- however, as I get closer to it- I may adjust it (accept a higher weight). My main concern is dropping the excess this P2 and then just as important maintaining in P3/4. I have difficulty in P3/4.. I seem to gain 5-6 pounds and then struggle to maintain that. If I can't stabilize better..