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Another round--week 4 done

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It doesn't seem like it's been a month. Although as I think back, the first 3 weeks dragged and I was constantly thinking about P3. But no more. I've settled into P2 thinking. I'm just hoping that the scale gets back on track and starts showing some more losses. For the past 2 weeks, I've only lost about 1.4 each week-- which is about 1/2 my norm. I am close to my lowest weight, but not close to goal. When I review my journal, I think I've been eating too many veggies. For the first time, I cut out the melba toast and added more veggies to make up the calories. I did that for the 2 weeks that my losses were slow. So this week, I dropped my veggie amount and added by my melba. We shall see if it makes a difference for me.
Seems everytime I veer away from the original P & I, I don't lose as well. I need to keep reminding myself-- What works for others, doesn't work for me. I have to stop trying to tweak the plan and just do it the original way. Overall, my losses are good. Just not as good as some others. I find myself wanting that 30 lb off in one round, but I have NEVER experienced that, even at my highest weight.
I've got about 3 weeks left on P2-- going to stick to the original plan to try to make the best of my losses.
To date, I am down 17 pounds from weight with loading and down 12 pounds from weight without loading. I'd like to lose another 8 lbs in 16 days. We shall see if my body is cooperative.

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  1. Rizzo542's Avatar
    Good luck lady! I bet you wll be pleasantly surprised with your numbers by the end. Glad you have settled!