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another day

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another day down.. I swear this forum becomes facebook to me. I check it way too much. Even when I know there probably isn't anything new in it. Didn't lose anything today. Didn't go up either, so that's a good thing. Trying to get through these last few days. Hoping my losses don't slow too tremendously, otherwise I will just quit earlier than planned. Tomorrow's number will give me a better idea whether or not I will continue to the end date I chose originally. I was hoping for 5 more lbs, but I don't think that is feasible anymore. Battling head hunger currently.. Pretty much feel like i'm just over the lack of choices and quantity. I would like some yogurt and berries... and when I get hungry again.. I would like to eat something else. Oh the last few days of hcg are always the toughest for me. just trying to hang in there.

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  1. kapluzie123's Avatar
    Rizzo- don't give up too quickly.. These last few days, your body is reshaping and you may still lose more. The losses certainly do slow down, but that shouldn't be your reason to stop. If you want those last 5 pounds-- stick it out, you just may get them.
  2. Daisykt's Avatar
    I agree,please don't stop or get discouraged!! I had similar issues about 5 years ago when I did HCG first time. In past year after medical problems I have gained weight and now am starting 3rd week of Phase 2. First time did not lose what I expected but phase 3 was where the weight kept coming off and I could exercise more. I then maintained a healthy eating plan until last year. Some people may have miracles happen I guess but .... not often. Also, I think it depends on how much weight you need to lose. An example: My husband gained more weight than I did this past year (comfort food eating) and needs to lose 50 lbs to my 30lbs. He has lost 23 lbs in 2 weeks to my 7.5lbs. Stay the course and don't overthink it day to day.