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P3 and Beyond!

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Seem to be doing okay with p3. I feel full all the time. have fruit for breakfast with two eggs and two pieces of bacon. the last two days. bought some cashews coconut milk yogurt and a but load of cheese. I ate yogurt when I got home with fresh berries and have been full ever since. I know I should be eating more, but I just can't currently. It takes me a little over a week to get into normal eating again. Bought a new blender today, so I think i am going to make a delicious smoothie for dinner.

Tomorow we are going to see the book of mormon in the next city over. pretty excited about it. First time eating out since p2. pretty excited to eat normally, Today I was .6 below my last dose weight. I think i am going to try not to weigh everyday. I am so neurotic on p2. i have to break that habit and try to live without numbers again. I'm okay with weekly.. but not sure I can break the habit of daily.

I'm down two sizes since october when I did my first round. pretty happy about it. I keep dreaming about what size I will be after my next round, and then the next. it keeps me going. I want to buy a whole new wardrobe. and actually spend money on clothes when I get to my goal. I know my style and what I like, I just never buy clothes because I've been overweight for too long. I'll get there, and I will buy everything I want! muahahaha

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  1. kapluzie123's Avatar
    New Blender!! The things we get excited about- lol... I know how you feel, I recently purchased a vitamix-- and I was so excited to use it, and I now look forward to using it again in P3.
    Going out to dinner on P3... so much fun! As far as the weighing, I did that on one P3 and failed miserably. I get not wanting to weigh in everyday, but you may want to weigh in more than 1 X week- because if you have any issues with food, it will be easier to catch and correct. Also, I never had issues with food when I first started, but the more I lost, the more I became sensitive. Just a thought. I don't want you to regain only to start another round at a higher start weight.
    Congrats on being down 2 sizes!! That's WONDERFUL!! Doing a happy dance for you.
    I found that the smaller I got, the clothing that I once thought that I couldn't wear-- now I can.. our bodies truly do reshape. My advice is to buy just a few things that you can wear for the next 2 rounds-- leggings and long skirts... if you can wear that with work. It can get quite costly to buy clothes every 2 sizes.. because the more you lose-- the more quickly the sizes go down. If that makes any sense to you...
    I look forward to going through the journey with you again in the spring.

    I should be in P3 in about 2 weeks...