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Back again and it's day one

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Here I am again. round whatever... 2 more rounds i think after this one.. one in august and I think I will start the new year off again with another round.. in hopes that maybe, I will be around my goal! Going to get into the one-dur-fuls, this round.. Hoping by next week... but we shall see. Just going to keep plugging away like i always do. Need to remember to get a pack or five of gum while I am out and about. keeps my mouth busy. It seems as though everyone has left the forum from my past group of ladies.. Once they hit p3, I can't seem to find anymore posts from them.. hope everyone is doing well and maintaining their losses. I'm so close to getting below 200.. been about 2 years.. well 19 months... haha who's counting right?

Have my first dinner in the oven. Cabbage and chicken soup. used some different spices this time around.. all spice and cardamom.. oo and some fennel seeds too... five spice I suppose.. Looking forward to it. It's super stormy here on the oregon coast so it should hit the spot. getting hungry as I type.. and it's only close to 4... always the first week I eat super early... have to get used to not being able to graze when I want. Looking forward to next week.... I will be more settled into everything, my skin will look better, and my body will thank me. Cheerz folks to another round of mind over matter.

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  1. fromlayla's Avatar
    Hi, I see that you are just starting a round, are you working with an accountability group/partner or anything? I'm starting day 1 today of VLCD... again... and just trying to reach out for support. I was thinking about maybe starting a new thread in the accountability section, but just thought I might ask you if there is already one started around here, since you are just starting a new round too!
  2. Jamie Simcik Sherer's Avatar
    I'm new too and need support!