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Day 17

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My losses are getting smaller.. I wish I wasn't so neurotic with the scale on hcg.. otherwise I would weigh ever week instead of once a day and get better losses! I can hope that tomorrow I can fight the urge to get on the scale. lol. I was down .2 this morning. So close to be under 200! Have about two weeks left to go. Hoping to get down to lower side of the 190's this round. And stay there until my next round in July. Decided yesterday that I will load on Fourth of July weekend! Sounds like a decent time to load to me. And then hopefully my last round will start in October.. Be all cute and thin for the holidays. ALso hoping that I have learned enough baout myself over the last year to keep myself in check during the holidays this year! The husband has been pretty stellar with all the rounds going on. He asked me last night if we were on week two or three becaue it felt like we should be in week 3.. lol. he doesn't do the diet with me.. he eats most of the stuff I do but adds toast or actually gets to eat tortillas when I make tacos. But he does abstain from drinking. we both decided that that is the best part. every couple months have a dry month. we were drinking pretty regularly for and a lot for quite some time. I'm super sensitive to alcohol now. I burn up and get the worst hot flashes when i drink now.. it's pretty lame. and i sleep for crap.. i probably should just give it up all together. ugh! quit smoking, and drinking?? what's left in the world!!! Just kidding.. It's been 5 months since we quit smoking too.. and I'm losing weight during that time! woo hoo! Take that ! I think I'm kicking 30's ***.

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  1. halvy's Avatar
    Hi, I am new here! 10 days into the diet and down 10 lbs but have been cheating with wine. Stalled for a couple days but losing agin today. The hardest part of this diet for me is not having wine and getting bored with the food. Any suggestions?