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Vlcd day 1 P2

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Day 1. Been watching Robyn Woodall (weight loss apocalypse) on YouTube. I realise I have a lot of emotional eating issues and doing this protocol will not fix this part of my weight loss challenge for me. What it will do is give me the opportunity to reset my lepton and lose some weight and then have the opportunity to practice eating to hunger scale. Day 1 , so far so good. I am having my coffee with milk. Although it's more than 1 tbsp. it's more like 3. Do people find that that is usually ok?. I'm really motivated this time. I hope I can do this now that I have loaded properly.

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  1. kapluzie123's Avatar
    you can do this!!
    I had an uncontrollable appetite before doing hcg. Hcg has not only helped me to lose 60 lbs, but I now have control over my appetite. My cravings are all but non existent. Yes, sometimes I find myself ready to "emotionally" eat- but I am usually aware of when I want to emotionally eat now. And I have my coping techniques to help me. You can do this...
    I would decrease your amount of milk- because that could derail your success. Good luck and come back often and post... it helps get through the process.
  2. Veganhcg's Avatar
    Thankyou so much for your message kapluzie123. It's a nightmare feeling so out of control. I really want to do this properly this time. No more rounds after this. This is it!
  3. scarlet411's Avatar
    I have more milk in my tea and I don't know what difference it would have made but I've lost 18Lb in 23 days and was not technically overweight - just at the top side of normal. I also eat yoghurt so figured the milk didn't figure. It's pretty impossible to say what will or won't make you loose more or less weight because how would you know what you wide have been otherwise ?!.