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I'm baaaaaaack!

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I remember this awesome forum! It's what pushed me through my first few rounds of hhcg back in 2011 where I lost 57 lbs! I have NO EXCUSES. I let myself go, it's my fault. But after months and months of contemplating almost gaining back everything that I lost over the last few years, I finally started hhcg again and am on my VLCD3 of R1 with a total of 4.4 lbs lost. I realize most of it is water weight, but I'll take it. I haven't really been hungry but moreso need to rewire my brain to keep busy and do other things especially at night. Nighttime is when I'm most tempted to eat late and drink some wine. I really miss wine. But I will NOT miss being unhealthy and not fitting into my clothes.

I have implemented self-guided meditation into my nightly routine again which has helped immensely at staying focused. I really like the mindscape and bodyscape exercises through John Kabat Zinn along with some other random chakra alignment youtube videos that promote healing and sleep. I'll continue doing this. I've been to bed before 11 pm every night since VLCD and I'm going to continue to keep that up as I have larger losses when I get more sleep (and drink more water).

Lunches are all premade the night before in little lunch containers with compartments for protein, veggie, and fruit. I'm not a huge chicken or beef fan and I've been mainly pescatarian (fish) for the last two years. However, I do have grassfed ground beef, super lean, that I make into patties because I need the extra iron and substance here and there. My two main proteins though are shrimp and tilapia. I drink a few glasses of green tea a day and 1-2 cups of coffee along with a ton of lemon water.

No cheats yet and only two melba rounds in three days!

I'm pushing for a 40 day round (even though my first round 5 years ago was 63 days with 42.2 pounds lost) and get to at least the 180s. If I feel good, then I may go longer to get into the 170s, then transition into P3. I'm feeling good now except a little tired and have a tiny headache here and there. Overall, I'm excited to be on this journey again since the first time worked and I know this will too! And I'm determined to KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD.

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  1. rockbottom's Avatar
    I can relate! Way to get back at it. You've got this.