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Fae's Journey to reach 175lbs by the end of 2011

R3P2VLCD4 and the arrival of TOM

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I started TOM today. I woke to a 1.4 pound loss though!! Despite the EVIL cashews...

I still feel gloriously not hungry. I am surprised because I am only taking 125iu. You would think at my weight it would be a lot more. But Hey I ll take that because that means that my bottle of Pregnyl will last me 40 days!!! That means I have two full rounds without having to buy more yet. So lets hope it stays this way and I don't need to adjust anything. I did experience issues and stalls on TOM last time. Anyone wanna weigh in on that? What is TOM like for you on HCG in terms of the scale?

I remember after TOM this last summer I liked to do a detox bath to lose the water weight gain. I could feel me retaining water last night because I drank my full allotment, but I did not go to the bathroom near as much as I had the previous days. And I lost half the weight I had the day before. My body held onto some of it. But I am NOT COMPLAINING, because there will be plenty of days where I will desire a 1.4 pound loss, nothing to sneeze at.

I can't believe that I haven't had any problems. I also didn't feel the sting as bad on my shot as much this time around. I went into this as if it was a chore. I wasn't excited to leave the world of eating whatever I craved behind, I just knew I had to because I was gaining so fast. I am a taster. I love the taste of food. Its my addiction. Not the fullness or feeding a hunger. I crave flavors. I ll eat seconds because I want to taste it again, not because I am still hungry.

I was walking out of the hospital and walked over the balcony area above our Subway, and they were cooking their cookies. MMMMMM god that smelled so good. I wanted to taste it, and at first tried to breathe less to not smell it. LOL, then I smiled to myself and breathed in deeply and just enjoyed the smell. I thought, I can enjoy the smell without craving the flavor. It was a small conquer moment.

I have one 32oz nalgene down, 4 to go today. I have to make some more chili, I was so so happy with it, I could live off it. I also am craving my HCG cabbage rolls. I ll have to dig into my journal and see if I can find if I wrote down how I made them. They were so good. I fluffed my hamburger up with finely minced celery and onion, spiced it up, rolls them in blanched cabbage leaves and steamed them all. It made the hamburger go further, and they were so delish.

So that's on the list for groceries. I forgot to get cabbage.

So my stats:
loss of 7 pounds in three days
51 pounds to go in the next 79 days
loss of 2.2% of my body
average change: -2.3lbs
required future ave: -0.6lbs a day to reach goal.

I use the Track Weight app for the iPhone for those stats. It graphs things and allows you to set goals, its AWESOME. If you have one check it out.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good luck. The cabbage rolls recipe sounds yummy. I may have to try that. Thanks for sharing.