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Eating foods based on Blood Type Diet (P2 & Beyond)

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The Blood Type Diet is something i've been researching for a while, after I've seen people fight disease and lose weight and keep it off by just eliminating the foods they shouldn't eat based on their blood type. All different blood types have the ability to process different foods in different ways, and according to research, following the diet for one's blood type helps correct a lot of issues, avoid diseases, and also help with weight loss and keeping it off. It all made sense to me, and since I can be a bit of a health-nut, i decided to give it a try.

While getting lab work done from my doctor, I requested that they test my blood to determine my type, which turned out to be A-Positive. From there, I researched what kind of diet worked best for Type A, and discovered that the most beneficial is a mostly vegetarian / pescatarian diet. I was disappointed that I could only eat chicken seldomly, beef and pork were off the table, and so was seafood (shrimp, lobster, etc.). But I loved discovering what diet would work best for me moving forward.

Since my losses have been slow for the past 5 days or so, I decided to look over my HCG food journal and noticed that the times I stalled or my weight loss slowed down, I had consumed food that I should avoid based on my blood type. And yes, all of these foods are P2 approved foods. Chicken, lean beef, and cabbage slowed my weight loss. However, whenever I ate P2 approved foods in line with my blood type, such as fish, I would lose at least 1 pound the next day. I knew I was on to something!

So, I decided to list every single P2 approved food, and crossed out whichever ones I should avoid based on my blood type and only consume the ones that are beneficial for me. This is what I came up with:

for Blood Type A

-- Grapefruit

-- Cod
-- Monkfish
-- Pollock
-- Whiting
-- Red snapper

-- Spinach
-- Chard
-- Chicory
-- Beet greens
-- Celery
-- Fennel
-- Onions

for Blood Type A

-- Oranges

-- Chicken
-- Beef
-- Seafood (shrimp, lobster, etc)
-- Most fish (except ones listed above)

-- Tomatoes
-- Cabbage

Even though I am disappointed that I have now limited my options on P2 even further than the already limited options, I know I'm doing the right thing for my health. I've given up on the idea that one can go an entire P2 without stalling, but I'm hoping it improves my losses for P2 and helps me better stabilize in P3. I'm also looking forward to clearer skin! We'll see...

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  1. JamesDD's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing this. When I was cutting for a Men's Physique show (although I could not compete since the contest fell on the same day as my Marine Corps Ball), I dieted based off of my blood type which is A+ and felt so much better. Chicken really bloats me but steak and red meats work so well for me. i wish more people could see this and read up on the science of dieting instead of listening to others!