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P3 Lessons -- Life Will Never Be the Same

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P3 has been an awesome, eye-opening experience! For the first time in my life, I am eating so much FAT, but not gaining any weight at all! It's unbelievable and has been one of the greatest lessons I've learned while on my HCG journey.

I'm on week 2, Day 9 of P3, and -0.4 below my LIW. My initial plan was to increase foods I had been eating during P2, but changed my mind rather quickly. Since I started TOM right at the start of P3 and gained a lot of water weight, I decided to go full force with fatty protein, and saw formidable results immediately the next day!

The first few days, my body took well to fatty Ribeye steak, uncured turkey bacon, salmon and avocados. I experienced an upset stomach once when I ate salmon and turkey burger meat during the same meal, but didn't gain the next day. I also had an upset stomach when trying to introduce mozzarella cheese, but also didn't gain the next day. By the end of the first week, I was able to successfully introduce goat milk kefir, pumpkin seeds, full fat Greek yogurt, almond butter, swordfish, homemade bleu cheese dressing (made with kefir, Greek yogurt, bleu cheese, and seasonings), and buffalo chicken wings fried in vegetable oil and coated with almond flour and Sweet Baby Rays buffalo sauce.

A lot of items I've added are not beneficial to my Blood Type diet, but I'm more concerned with stabilizing my weight and having as much variety as possible. There aren't many choices for Blood Type A, since it's recommended to have a mostly vegetarian diet, and every now and then fish and chicken. I eat as much beneficial things that I can, but probably won't go full force with the Blood Type diet until I'm completely done with HCG. However, I do attribute my 27-lb loss in P2 with me sticking with foods that were beneficial to my blood type. P3, on the other hand, is a whole nother beast that requires a high-fat diet.

The only fruit I've consumed so far is grapefruit and apples, since I did well with them in P2. But, in the next week or so, I'm going to start enjoying berries in my Greek yogurt, and maybe even using them to make smoothies with my kefir goat milk.

My experience with HCG so far has been far more rewarding than I could ever imagine. Of course, I initially signed up for the weight loss, but I've learned so much about my body, what foods are agreeable, and how to properly maintain my weight lass that I'm confident that when I come off of HCG, I will keep the weight off for good. Every other diet I've ever tried, I couldn't wait to get back to eating the same bull crap that got me fat in the first place, but it appears that I've gotten over my addiction to carbs and sugar and genuinely have no desire to indulge in any of the crap I once loved. In fact, I'm motivated to cook some of the same things I used to eat all the time, but healthier versions with alternatives such as almond flour, flax seed meal, and stevia. Moving forward, I'm definitely looking forward to making my own sauces, dressings, and desserts.

I said it once, and will say it a million times over -- I can't BELIEVE my body is reacting so well to this high-fat diet in P3. I truly see how this system resets your metabolism and stabilizes your weight after losing so much in such little time. It's truly amazing, and my life will never be the same!

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  1. Leez's Avatar
    What a great experience you've had. It is so true that food addictions get broken during the elimination type diet of P2. You find you actually can use normal willpower to avoid unhealthy foods, and its not a situation of white-knuckling it, you can just say no and move on without obsessing about it. That is such freedom. So happy for you!
  2. april01's Avatar
    My Blood Type is A- (with an Rh factor). I am supposed to be raw and mostly vegetarian. Funny I do prefer my veggies raw and el dente for sure. P3 eating is very enjoyable and this diet should emphasize good fats as I think done right most people eat healthier in general after moving into P3 and P4. I was able to do it for years and then a set of life circumstances led to a bunch of stress weight. I really can say that my weight gain did not come on due to a bunch of overeating and poor choices. Yes maybe I ate a slice of pizza more often than I would have before. For me it was definitely stress and hormones. I feel much more in control of things now though and I feel that stabilizing in P3 can be such an invigorating experience.
  3. lovelyladyhcg's Avatar
    Leez -- Thank you, love!

    April01 -- Like you, I gained a lot of stress weight, but now feel much more in control of things, and have thoroughly enjoyed P3 as an invigorating experience! I had no idea you were blood type A. I'm starting to find that P3 can be pretty tricky for that blood type, but it's also helping me discover what really works well for me.