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R1p2 - summer round - vlcd6

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SW 219.0
CW 215.6
GW 170
(Down 3.4) (46.6 left to goal)

Happy Tuesday! Thankfully, the scale did move down for me this morning, even if only a little bit. I ate well yesterday, right on track with my goals according to the HCG 2.0. I felt a little stuffed last night before bed, was a bit worried I'd have some heartburn..... But that doesn't seem to happen when I eat a protein-focused way instead of carb-focused.

Protein: 819/788 calories.
Carbs: 26g/30g

Hubs had a great visit with his surgeon yesterday. He had dropped quite a bit during this first few days of HCG which helped his confidence going in there. She noticed a slight downward trend in his losses due to that, so he is able to not go back for a whole year instead of six months. That's a big deal for him. He is really enjoying the 2.0 WOE though he continues to eat fruit, his choice. I have eliminated fruit and the melba completely.

This eating some protein first thing within 30 mins of waking up is the hard part for me. I'm used to just coffee until lunch. I may have just mitigated that issue, though - half a vanilla Premier Protein shake with cold coffee, ice, and SF mocha Skinny Syrup = a protein iced coffee. Iced coffee for the win!

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