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I have been on Sparkpeople for years, since 2007. I spent a lot of time there over the years, found encouragement from others who were seeking support, encouragement and praise! I find that HCG protocol is not widely accepted there, so I will continue my journey here, I really hope to make the same connects and friendships!

And on to the photos.....I KNOW that I will kick myself if I don't allow for public viewing of photos. That is what was so liberating in my journey before. It was like I was saying "accept me as I am. Because I finally do!" And it's so encouraging to have people say that they accept you the way you are, and point out things they admire.

So, who's with me? Starting a new round? Let's post true before pics, and plan to show off our AFTERS!! I have yet to take my before's, I will do that this weekend. Grrr...I'm not looking forward to this. But after years of not liking myself, my fat, my flaws....I've learned that there's so much more to me then my size or shape. This is something I want to pass on to the teen girls I work with, that God does not see them as a size, or a flaw....he sees them for WHO they are.

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