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P2 Blahs = Recipe Reading & Kitchen Shopping

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It may sound a little strange, but... I get so, so much enjoyment out of grocery shopping and spending time in the kitchen cooking up new, fun things.

Once I get into P2 (like now, 12 days in), I'm so bored in the kitchen I could just croak. It really kills me. Yes, I can still cook, but there are only so many ways to cook X amount of foods. I don't switch it up a lot because I know what works for me in P2 and I actually prefer things a little more plain during this phase (plus it's easier to pack and carry when I'm trudging around campus all day long).

But man, I get so blah when I have no reason to be in the kitchen. When I'm not in P2, I cook healthy things - lean meats, healthy fats, lots of produce. I just love it. And yes, I do make the occasional treat and a I bake up a storm especially around the holidays. There's just no need for it right now, and it's such a bummer.

So I spend my spare time perusing recipes I can't make for what feels like forever. And I go shopping. Or I go walking around, anyway. Today was TJ Maxx, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Would've hit Costco too, but they were closed. Brought home cute serving plates for when I post pictures of my food, mini buckets that will definitely be used for serving something awesome, a silicone spoon holder and spatula, a couple flavored coffees, colored kitchen towels, some tea, parchment paper, steamer bags, and I FINALLY FOUND A MUFFIN TOP PAN! The muffin top pan is something I've wanted for a while - perfect for making uniform oopsie rolls and non-grain "breads" (as well as some fun eggy creations) - I was dying for one during my last P3 and P4. So excited to have found one, just wish I could use it now.

I even find myself just walking up and down aisles, looking at food. Not really wistful for anything in particular - the limitations in P2 is what makes it so easy, and I've never cheated - but just to get inspiration. It's fun to look for new products and try to mentally create a recipe using them. Plus I always check on new additions to dairy and meat sections, just to see if I might find a new hidden treasure if P3 ever comes.

*groaning* only 28 more days....

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  1. 2014nycme's Avatar
    Oh man... I looked forever for a muffin top pan! I would love to find one for the non P2 days! Was it BB&B were you find yours???
  2. AimMee's Avatar
    No! I can't even TELL you how many times I've looked at BB&B for one, and I've never found one. My fabulous discovery today came at TJ Maxx. AND IT WAS ON CLEARANCE! Eight bucks! Can't shake a stick at that. I'm super excited.

    This is the one I got: http://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-AMB-...muffin+top+pan

    Quote Originally Posted by 2014nycme
    Oh man... I looked forever for a muffin top pan! I would love to find one for the non P2 days! Was it BB&B were you find yours???
  3. 2014nycme's Avatar
  4. mraven99's Avatar
    Good job I feel u. I am nota whiz in the kitchen but I miss the feeling of just being full. I miss cheese and broccoli. I have 31 long! Days left. I guess we will suffer together and jump or joy with our results.
  5. SebastianGardener's Avatar
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