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Unhappy? Keep your mouth shut.

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So in general, if you become depressed and this diet makes you feel like you will NEVER be happy again, people don't want to hear that. They just want bright, happy people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So I blog when I become depressed.

I imagine there is a darker side to this diet if you search the blogs. It's not all puppies, kittens, magic and shooting rainbows out your ***!

I start P3 tomorrow and I realized once again that if I want to remain thin I will have to continue to never eat any of the things I really enjoy every again because I can't stop once I start.

And yet, becoming large again is not an option either as doing that will steal your life from you. You lose your spouse then you lose your house and people tend to not take you very serious at work if you are larger. Then society sees you as a lazy, weak person and you become the butt of everyone's jokes. That or they pity you.

Unless of course you are a guy.

Then you can stuff your effing face, but not drink Dr. Pepper anymore and lose weight and tone up. The gender that is REQUIRED to be thin and sexy to win/keep a mate has the hardest time staying that way.

I was so excited about getting to eat tomorrow and now all those foods I was looking forward to seems like I am just cheering to eat cardboard. "YAY! You just completed 30 days of complete and total self control and torture. To reward you we will now let you eat dry hamburger for breakfast with a bowl of dry chicken and lettuce for lunch. You may then have a dry steak with dry cauliflower for dinner! HELL YEAH!"

WTF kind of life is that?!?! And you think "Well, it's only for 3 weeks"...no, it's not. Once I get beyond that then I COULD add carbs and sauces back in IF my body doesn't gain from them. But it does. So really there will be no sauces in my future. I can handle no bread, candy or fast food, if I could just have my effing sauces. Think about all that tasty crap you eat ON your foods. That hotdog...how good would it taste without mustard and ketchup? How about that salad, how good is it without some kind of dressing? Your steak without it being covered in something?

Granted I WILL be following the diet to a T but I now must question what kind of life it will be then. Is there anything in my life that I really have any joy in? Not really. My life is so boring that the highlight of each day is my meal and what kind of amazing taste I will get to experience...

Can't I just run the eff away from this life, eat all the stuff I want and become a heavy girl and start a new life with people who don't remember the little me. Don't expect me to be little or stay that way. No preset ideals. People that love me for me because they never knew the thin me.

So ends this chapter of my life, but where to now?

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  1. hcgwarrior's Avatar
    No, No, No. You must not have researched any recipes or looked at Atkins induction recipes. Here's a sample menu from my first day of P3 (only thing I will tell you is up your calories slowly! I felt really sick on my second day at lunch because I added too fast. It was over very quickly though.) 1 egg scrambled with 1 Tbs fat free half and half and 2 strips of bacon, lunch was a cheeseburger with lite mayo (no bun), dinner was chicken which I coated with egg batter made with a 1 carb bun mix (but you can buy pork rinds and crush them up and use them too) that I had left over from Atkins and cayenne pepper. I had Walden's Farms creamy bacon dressing on the side to dip my peppery battered chicken in.I had asparagus with garlic and butter and melted cheese on top with it. Had a piece of chocolate delite mid morning and some cheese as a snack in mid afternoon. Dry steak? No way! I had london broil med rare and sauteed onions and mushrooms on butter and smothered the steak in that. Then I had a side of cauliflower "mashed potatoes" (you really have to try these, they are amazing!) they had butter and parmesan cheese in them, GREAT!

    Here's the thing with Atkins Induction/P3: No sugar, no starches does not mean no flavor, sauces. YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE FAT YOU WANT, cheeses, full fat mayos, butters etc. have less carbs than their lite counterparts. With Atkins Induction, you just are careful to keep your carb intake under 20 grams per day and just watch labels for sugars.

    Start slow. I read on here that I was supposed to start with 800-1,000 calories the first day of P3. I didn't. I'm sure I was more in the 1,200 cal range (but couldn't finish my chicken dinner because I was so full). Lost .8 by next morning. Second day, as i said, I got sick at lunch and didn't finish it, and even though my steak was fantastic, I couldn't finish it all. Woke up to a 1.2 lb. loss the next day. Yesterday I made a sugar free tomato sauce and cauliflower pizza crust that I used to make pizza for dinner topped with mushrooms, soparessata and red peppers. Does this sound dry and dull to you? Look around on the net. Anything you desire you can find a recipe for. Make your own sugar free ketchup or....go on the Atkins site and buy Induction friendly foods like their ketchup, BBQ sauce, Brownie bars, peanut butter and on and on. You can have a blast and never regret eating P3 for the rest of your life!

    I hope this helps.
  2. Troya D Clark's Avatar
    I am sorry you are feeling down. I understand the fears and sadness at starting a new way of living.

    I have had a lot of success (lost 35 pounds before I started this diet) by thinking of food as fuel that my body needs instead of a delicious reward for my palate.

    One thing I have learned over the years is that EVERYTHING is ok to eat as long as it is in moderation. I was allowed to eat dessert, so long as I planned for it ahead of time and reduced my earlier daily calories. I also prepared myself for a slight gain on the scale the next day, with the realization that I could work out a little harder and drop the gain quickly.

    This diet focuses so much on the ounces gained that we forget what is real. Exercise is important to maintain health along with a sensible diet. Yes, some foods will effect you negatively, but in moderation, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself occasionally.

    I have a lot of weight to lose. I am on a journey that is a life lesson. I will not think of this diet as a quick fix, but a second chance to understand how fuel effects my body.

    I wish you joy. I wish you continued success. I hope you find sugar-free ketchup and grilled onions as tasty as you remember.
  3. wellis's Avatar
    Unfortunately, the diet can really make a person unhappy. However, I managed to find a good solution in the form of CBD oil. I add a little cbd oil to salads and it gives me the opportunity to get rid of nervous tension and also reduce my appetite. You know, thanks to cbd oil, my mood is always good, even though I really lack sugary foods in my diet.