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R2P2 Vlcd7-Weekend Update

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So, we were out on the island for the weekend and it went well. No major issues, took all my food. Can't believe how much junk food was there! The only veggies in the entire house were some tomatoes to put on the burgers! Chips, crackers, cookies, cupcakes, bacon, waffles...you get the idea. But, I did not cheat!! And my Dad, who never notices things, let alone comments, actually noticed how much I have lost and said that I look different! Wow, that was a shocker!
So sad to see my family be so unhealthy still. And my stepmom has zero desire to even think about losing weight. But, I have to concentrate on my own journey. I can only control or change myself, that is what I have to remember.
Anyway, I did not weigh while we were gone, but will see how it goes in the morning. So far, as of Saturday morning, I am down 6.8 pounds! Feeling good about the start of this round.
Just for my info-I am spotting again. Also, lowered my dose to .60. Was very hungry on Sunday morning, did my normal skip day on Sunday and was much more manageable today, so just thought I would try it. I will see how I feel in the next few days and adjust back up if needed. Will have to do the math and figure out what amount of hcg I am getting. Feeling better today about making it through this round. Feeling more in the groove, finally. Think tomorrow's weigh-in will help. To have a bigger overall number will be great.
Super tired tonight, going to head to bed. Will see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. auto's Avatar
    Good job darling; I know how hard it is with the negativity you often feel around "those people"
    Can't wait to hear what the scale tells you this morning.
    Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. botheradopt's Avatar
    That's fantastic, and I hope you have a lot of success on your journey! I understand how difficult it is for you to be around "those people" whoever they may be. Very interested in hearing the results of today's weigh-in.
    drive mad
  3. rewfa's Avatar
    I am eager to learn the numerical value that the scale will indicate this morning.

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