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Back on the horse........ again.

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Didn't get the chance to blog yesterday. Partially because I was at my mom's all day and didn't feel like writing one and partly because I was up 2.2lbs thanks to cheating on Saturday at a pool party picnic and TOM decided to arrive yesterday morning. Talk about a double whammy :-o Not to mention it basically made last week completely pointless.

But, today I'm down .6 and weigh 136.6lbs. I'm guessing this pushes me back atleast one more week before I can end p2 and start p3. I'm not stopping p2 until I hit my goal. I'm determined to get there without doing another round if it kills me. I also really want to start working out so I can tone what I've got now. I can't just start a new workout routine now because my numbers will just be all wonky.

What I had yesterday:
L- CM kefir trop shake; strawberries
D- one egg and three egg whites with tuna, a smidge of yellow pepper and a smidge of broccoli, 1tbsp 2%milk omelette
Water – 96oz

ROUND TWO STATS: L1-153, L2-156.6 VLCD 1 - 156.4
VLCD 9-15>-.4,-.8,-.4,-1,0,-.6,+1.4=1.8lbs (147.8)
VLCD16-22>-.8,-.8,-1,-.6,0,?,+2=1.2 (146.6)
VLCD23-29>-1.6,-.8,-.6,-.4,-.8,+.4,-1=4.8lbs (141.8)
VLCD30-36>0,-.8,-1,-.6,-.2,+1.4,-1.2=2.4lbs (139.4)
VLCD37-43>0,-.6,-.6,-.6,-.4,+.6,-1=2.6lbs (136.8)
VLCD44-50 -.2,-.6,-.8,+.2,-.4,+2.2,-.6=.2lbs (136.6)

ROUND ONE STATS (Celeste's drops): VLCD1 - WEIGHT 188 (POST LOAD) WEEK 1 (VLCD 1-8), -9, 179LBS..........WEEK 2 (VLCD 9-15), -4, 175 WEEK 3 (VLCD 16-22), -3.4, 171.6.......WEEK 4 (VLCD 23-29), -1.6, 170 WEEK 5 (VLCD 30-36), -5.6, 164.4........WEEK 6 (VLCD 37-43), -3.0, 161.4 WEEK 7 (VLCD 44-50), -2.8, 158.6......WEEK 8 (VLCD 51-57), -4.4, 154.2 VLCD 58-P3D1> -1.4, 152.8 LDW 153.4 P3D1 (a.m.) > 152.8; P3D2>153; P3D3>153.4; P3D4>153.4; P3D5>154.4; P3D6>153.8; P3D7>154.2; P3D8>155;P3D9>155.8;P3D10>153.8;P3D11>154.4;P3D12> 154.4;P3D13>153.8;P3D14>154.2;P3D15>154.6; P3D16>153.8; P3D17>154.2; P3D18>155.4; P3D19>154.2; P3D20>153.8; P3D21>154.4

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  1. Heidi Kate's Avatar
    So, you've been having tuna no problem on p2? Hmmm..again makes me see that counting calories is more important than exactly what's on protocol. I took your advice and got some coconut kefir. I love it! Especially with the Jay Robb. I'm starting p2 today. Loaded yesterday. This round I'm counting calories and adding Jay Robb and kefir to the protocol. I'll be so much happier! I see that you did not have Melba or grissini. Do you pretty much do away with that in lieu of your kefir? Some people on the Forum have Flax instead of Melba.
    Also, you said you're staying on until you hit your goal. Is it ok to stay on p2 longer than 40 days as long as you don't take the drops one day a week? I'm a little confused about this. I thought that 40-42 days was the max number of days.
  2. lawgal's Avatar
    Yes, I have been eating tuna throughout all of p2. My thinking as to why Dr. S left it out is because the main source of tuna back then was packaged in oil and thus very fatty. If it wasn't, tuna is considered a whitefish and is not high in fat. My 2.5oz packet of premium light tuna fish has 1g of fat. Even 6oz of grilled ahi tuna is only 1.5g of fat. So, there is no explanation as to why, as a white fish, he left it out other than because of being canned in oil.

    So, since I became vegetarian and my fish choices had become limited because, thank to r1p2, I no longer can eat tilapia (and will not eat it because it is one of the worst, dirty fish you can eat), halibut, or cod. I ate way too much of them and stupidly did an all protein day with fish. Not sure what I was thinking. Regardless, I take one bite and feel like gagging. I even tried eating them again this round just to see if the aversion went away. Slightly overcooked them too so that wouldn't be an issue. Nope. Couldn't do it. I have had great loss days with eating tuna (and I even sneak in 1tsp of Duke's mayo).

    I have been very rogue this round and have tried many things. I have had days where I didn't lose anything or I lost little, but the days I lost .6 or more far outweigh my low days. The weeks of my low losses are because I cheated one of those days and had to make up for it.

    Yes, it is ok to stay on p2 if you are using "homeopathic" hcg... otw, non-prescription. People can become immune to the hcg after being on it for too long and that is why they have to skip one day per week and limit their p2 to 40 days. I did 60 days my first round and I will probably go to about 75 with this round (depends on how quickly I lose the next 10lbs since I am on vlcd51). You do not need to skip days. I have never skipped a day of hcg because I do not take prescription hcg. Only rx users are to skip a day, not non-rx users. Doesn't really matter though for non-rx because the hcg stays in your system. That is why we have to wait 48 hours from last dose to start p3, to get it out of our system.

    I do not eat and have never eaten the grissini/toast. I saw it as unnecessary. Why tease myself? I just left it out. When I started using kefir, I cut back to one fruit serving per day to save on the carbs since the milk kefir was not too terribly high in fat but had 12g of carbs. The coconut milk kefir has I believe 5g of fat... still not too bad, but very low carbs in the unsweetened version. So, you would need to be more concerned with watching what you eat that day for fat content. I have used it as my protein replacement a few times for lunch and had a salad and strawberries with it. I only really eat strawberries. They are the lowest in sugar and carbs of the fruits we are allowed. We shouldn't have oranges in p3 so why have them in p2? From time to time I will have Nature's Promise All Natural Organic unsweetened applesauce and add my own cinnamon to it. Half the carbs of an entire apple and much more satisfying for me.

    So, for me, I pretty much just watch my fat, calories and carbs and am careful about what I eat all day. I was told the scenario you mentioned above should never happen with repeating the same meal because we aren't supposed to eat one food twice in one day. I have never seen it in Dr. S's protocol, but I've seen others mention it. I just did that to give myself variety.
  3. Cyclonus's Avatar
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