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FMD update -stabilizing in P4

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After Round 6 (30 day round) I stabilized for several months at or near LIW of 150. But something changed about 4 months out and I started to be unable to stay in my 4 pound window. I was regularly going over and steak days, while still working were not getting me low enough not to bounce back over again the next day.

So I decided to hide out in FMD, also hoping that I could not only stop the gain, but maybe even lose my last 10-15. The first month, I did the program as written and even gave up coffee! FMD did allow me to stay in my window, and I lost about a pound that month.

But giving up both coffee and dairy are just not something sustainable for me, so I tweaked the program just a bit, and added coffee with cream, and sometimes would substitute Greek yogurt or part-skim ricotta for my protein, and towards the end, added peanuts. That also kept me from gaining, and I ended that month 2 pounds under LIW, but still in my window.

I stayed on FMD another 2 months, but started to have the gaining issue again. After 3 weeks of FMD5th time, I did a steak day, lost back into my window, and then have been free-styling since then. My current pattern is simple foods, one fat/protein meal per day and no combining fat with starch. Currently, I'm a little below LIW and holding.

I need to get to goal in order to stabilize my blood pressure off the medications, so I'll be starting HCG Round 7 in a couple of weeks when my supplies get here.

If you want more details on how my FMD rounds progressed, its all chronicled in this topic in the P4 forum: Fast Metabolism Diet FMD for P4

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Updated August 16th, 2015 at 07:51 PM by Leez



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