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Hoping to Lose 15-20 lbs..???

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So I started the HHCG drops earlier this month in the hopes that I would lose at least 15 lbs. My starting weight was 131.8...I know to some of you that wouldn't seem like much, but I'm barely 5'2 and I have a small build so 131 lbs is pretty heavy for me. I was first of all embarrassed that my doctor told me I had to lose weight because I was getting close to the obese weight for my build... So starting this I had astronomically High hopes. I've read so many success stories and have read so many amazing loses in forums that I never considered I don't have very much to lose compared to most people that start out on this. I'm now at R1 P2 D15 down to 124.4 lbs and I'm really glad this website even exists, because without it I would have given up a long time ago...My body is pretty weird I lose every other day as opposed to every day, but I'm losing so I'm learning to be happy with it... even if I am putt putting to the finish line...


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  1. Butterfly1515's Avatar
    So happy you wrote. I am the same height and 135 and hope to get down to 120 and for some reason this round is so much harder to lose. It has been coming off sooooo slowly and some days I don't even lose. How long have you been on since the loss from 131.8 - 124.4?
  2. nelygirl's Avatar
    YAY someone just like me! Finally! I was beginning to think I was the only crazy short person on here lol. To answer your question the weight loss from 131.8- 124.4 was between the 500 calorie day 1-15..I am now on day 19 and am down to 123.4....it is a little frustrating because I am now losing even slower than I was when I started...It went from losing .8lbs every day to... .4 lbs every other day and now its .8lbs every two days! I do have those days I don't lose a thing and want to throw my scale out the window, but I realized if I just do what I have to and exercise a little and not stress too much I'm able to lose better....So right now my goal weight for the round is between 117.0- 120.0 lbs...its looking like it'll probably be 120 lbs though...How is your round going ??
  3. Butterfly1515's Avatar
    Hi- I need so much encouragement its not even funny. I stopped because I got discouraged. I need you to support me because I admire your perseverance. I plan to go on protocol Monday. For some reason I don't see a loss and all of a sudden i panic and think this isn't for me. What my problem is... I do NOT know since I have done this before. Can you share some of your meals and exercise as well as the HCG brand you are using? I do want to get to the 120 mark and I would love to have a buddy
    Thanks so much!!!
  4. turcotte's Avatar
    I require so much inspiration it isn't even funny. I gave up because I became demoralized. I appreciate your tenacity and I need you to help me. On Monday, I'm going on protocol. I suddenly panic and believe this is not for me even if I don't perceive a loss.

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