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Here is the what where why and how on the HCG i decided to buy

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I decided to go with HCG drops that i mix myself purchased online. I chose this because i felt adjusting for my dose would be easier using this method versus homeopathic and I also preferred knowing what would be in my drops and not in my drops.

I decided to start with the original 166iu a dose (333iu a day) original method and not the 250iu a dose (500iu a day) Dr.Belluscio method. Although it sounded really interesting i felt a larger majority were using the other method with fantastic results. No need to reinvent the wheel for me - plus its cheaper which usually always wins.

I looked at both alldaychemist.com (ADC) and ReliableRXPharmacy.com. They are in fact the same company. For some reason I went with reliable even though they were $5 more. Not really sure why, it was a gut decision. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Do not use your debit or credit card when ordering from either place, (although i know of only ADC getting hacked). I first went to the grocery store and bought a prepaid VISA only to get home and find out it only works in the US. (SHOOT). Went back to the store to discover ALL prepaid cards only worked in the US. So i went to the bank in the same parking lot, opened a free debit card account, deposited $100 the guy gave me a temporary debit card - i went home and ordered. (Yay) PS. it was Bank of America.

I ordered

1.) THE HCG: HUCOG (the brand) 5000 (The potency) Powder (there is powder and liquid) HCG. Since using the original method each vial lasts 15 days, I bought a **** load. No seriously i bought a few because i plan on doing at least 2 long rounds. Also Reliable has a $25 flat shipping fee so i wanted to over order rather than under order. The more you buy, the cheaper per vial as well. Now a lot of people buy HCG 2000 but they mix more often. I guess there is a general feeling the fresher the better... Either way i did the math and couldn't justify it. (2000 is more expensive). Likewise I looked at 10000. This one is cheaper than 5000 but runs the risk of losing it's potency when you get to the end of the vial so i stuck with 5000. Now i chose powder versus premixed for no real reason other than i think it was a dollar or two cheaper... PS the powder the premix and the mixed all require refrigeration.

2.) BACTERIOSTATIC WATER: Since i am using the original 166iu a dose method each vial needed to be mixed with 15ML of Bacteriostatic water which comes in 30ML glass vials. So i bought 1 BAC H220 for every 2 vials of HCG. **4/12/11 update. I have decided to mix my next batch with Sodium Chloride .9 solution. I have heard that this dissolves when holding under your tongue and is what many recommend. Since I was having issues with holding my drops for an inconsistent time frame and trying to find the "right dose" i thought switching would be a good idea. Same math mixed with the same amount. I got my sodium chloride from the local pharmacy. It comes in a spray can made by "Simply Saline" and is called "wound Wash" found in the bandage aisle. I just discharged into a bowl and used that instead of the BAC water.

3.) SYRINGE FOR MIXING: I bought a 3ML syringe with at least a 1" needle so i could easily reach into the vial.

4.) 2oz Amber Glass bottle (or 1oz if you can find it) to hold the HCG ones you mix it - Bought this from the local Health Food Store. It was for making soap or fragrances or something.... it had a dropper top which i wasn't going to use so i pulled out the glass dropper inside and it works great. It is wrapped in a brown lunch bag in the back of the fridge.

5.) Infant 1ML Oral Syringe from the pharmacy

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS USING HCG 5000 and a 166iu dose:

If using powder take the mixing syringe, enter it into a vial of BAC water and draw out 1ML. Insert the syringe into the vial of HCG and expel the 1ML of BAC water. Gently swirl, don't shake, the mix until it all dissolve. Re-insert the syringe into the Vial and re-draw out the 1ML of BAC water now mixed with the HCG. This time expel that into the Amber glass bottle. Insert the syringe back into the BAC water and take out 14ML and deposit into the Amber bottle to make a total 15ML solution. If you are using premixed HCG and not the powder you would not add the 1ML to the HCG as it is already in there. You would draw out the HCG and mix it with 14ML of BAC water in the amber bottle. My bottle has a dropper which i do not use. I use the oral syringe.

For the 166 method you would take .5ML of the syringe 2 times day approximately 12 hours apart (AM and PM) and try and take approximately the same times each day. This would give you a total of 333iu daily. (5000 divided by 15ML = 333)

From what Ive read not necessarily. Too little a dose and too much a dose give you the same side effect of hunger. SO HOW WILL I KNOW? Do a skip day. skip a day of HCG. If you are not as hungry then try lowering your does, if you are hungrier then increase it. WHAT IF I AM A LITTLE HUNGRY ONLY? it is normal to be a little hungry especially around mealtime. But not a little hungry all day long. IF YOU RUN INTO ISSUES WHERE YOU NEED TO ADJUST YOU DOSE>> get on the forum and work with the vets who have been doing this awhile. There have much more experience and can help you identify what to lower or raise your dose to. also, this part is really critical to get RIGHT in the diet. If you don't get your dose right you lessen your chance of succeeding. Plus there's a chance you are burning the wrong type of fat. Also, i had to lesson how long i was holding my drops for. i was doing 15 minutes then reduce it to 10 minutes. i was finding that i had to set a timer because i kept losing track of the time. (my second batch i switched to mixing with sodium chloride (wound wash) because i didn't want to deal with the "hold time". We'll see how that goes when i start those drops...)

I ALSO BOUGHT HCG from cheaphcgsupplies.com just to make sure that some got to me. I didn't look at the site in detail but I know they also sell the supplies (BAC water syringes etc) They ship separately though so do not be alarmed. OH please note, i did not buy the oral syringes or the amber bottle online. I got the amber bottle from the health vitamin whole food green store in my area and the oral syringes from the local pharmacy. Make sure you get the 1ml oral syringe which are much tinier than the kids syringe. .5ML iss a very little amount and much easier to read on the infant syringe.

PS> I am a newbie. I am pretty sure all the above is correct but haven't even started my first round yet. I am a planner my nature and profession and like to be well prepared. I am not an expert on my 5th round. I am new just like you. If you find anything I said to be wrong please comment so I can update it.

Thanks and Much Love Losers!! <3

**UPDATE** My HCG from Reliable arrived 1 week from order date. Cleared customs without issues. My CHeapHCGsupplies HCG seemed to take 2-3 weeks. Also i can't tell what "brand" it is. HUCOG, Corion or another brand. (It is in Chinese) I am assuming it is HUCOG which is the cheapest. Although i recall it saying highest purity which is usually advertised as one of the other brands.... My money is still guessing it is HUCOG...

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Updated April 13th, 2011 at 08:49 PM by Racquel

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Raquel, very nice for you to take the time to post this for any newbies. Paying it forward, good for you. Thanks. Good luck on your round. Take measurements and pics!
  2. jill2's Avatar
    Wow you are thorough, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thank you.
  3. lisarn60's Avatar
    Oh my gosh racheal, ur a newbie? I got the 5000-I will use one vial for like 20 days, I hope it stays fresh-u gave me the idea to put it in something dark along with refrigeration. I am gonna reconstitute and put it in my dilutant vial (10ml). R U gonna IM or SQ the shots?
  4. Racquel's Avatar
    I am actually doing sublingual. My mixingdoese are for sublingual use. Im terrified of needles.
  5. njsmith920's Avatar
    how much did you have to pay for all of it???
  6. 60PoundsToLose's Avatar
    Thank you! Is everything the same when you do the injections? Does the mixing process or dosage change?
  7. Racquel's Avatar
    The dosage amount changes.. you'll have to research it.
  8. Racquel's Avatar
    for injections i also think you mix with bac water and not sodium chloride
  9. AJA's Avatar
    where did you learn about the sodium chloride? this is new to me
  10. Racquel's Avatar
    veterns on the forum. search it on the threads. i havent started it yet but will be in a week
  11. Twinma's Avatar
    I noticed on the Reliable site you have to put in doctor information and it states they will contact you if you have to fax a script. Can you share what you did when ordering? Did you order the Hucog that is $15 per vial and says 'NA' next to manufacturer? This makes me nervous but I have a very tight budget. Thanks!
  12. Racquel's Avatar
    I ordered the HUCOG. I put down my doctors name but not the real telephone number. I believe the package came with a doctors perscription...
  13. Racquel's Avatar
    add i ordered the 5 vial pack as i have at least two rounds
  14. lyuruk's Avatar
    I am so worried that drops are not the real thing. Should I send the drops back and go to a Dr. to get injections? I am so confused. I have friends, did very well on the drops.
    An honest opinion I need to hear
  15. captncrunch's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lyuruk
    I am so worried that drops are not the real thing. Should I send the drops back and go to a Dr. to get injections? I am so confused. I have friends, did very well on the drops.
    An honest opinion I need to hear
    I'm on the drops and i'm losing well...IMHO you don't need injections to work, its just your personal preference. If your concerned about ur drops, run the brand by the boards to see if other haver heard/used them. Most of the sites I have come across are legit, the only problem is the price jacking because they know people are desperate. If ur losing weight on them, and ur not hungry, then ur drops are working.
  16. lyuruk's Avatar
    I am so relieved that drops are working. I lost 5.5 lb since 4/27. Today a friend invited me to lunch, I should have not gone, but I did. I end up ordering salad without dressing and it came with sheredded cheese. I swept away the cheese as much as I can. Tomorrow will show if I really messed up or not. I do Bikram Yoga every day so it is helping a lot. I have hunger feeling but no appetite. Is this normal?
  17. noweye1216's Avatar
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