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R2P2 Vlcd34-Tomorrow is another day...

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Today just needs to end so I can start fresh tomorrow. After 4 months of following the entire protocol exactly, I finally broke and cheated tonight. Don't know what sent me over the edge or made the right choice so hard to find. I know that I made the decision and put the food in my mouth. I am not blaming anyone or anything else. I take full responsibility. But WTH?!!!?!?!?!
What is going on that is so different? Why now when I have been so strong for so long? I know that I only have a little time left on this round and I have come so close to my goals. I had a great loss today and was feeling positive about that, my next huge goal is within my reach...so why could I not keep my eye on the big picture?
Really feeling horrible-emotionally and physically. I knew that I would feel this way, and I did it anyway. Going to take a hot shower and head to bed...tomorrow is another day.

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