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late dinner

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Yesterday was my mil birthday. All she wanted was to go out for a nice casual dinner so that is what we did. She picked the restaurant and the time. She is not aware that I am on protocol so I was hoping to view the menu on line and choose appropriately. As luck would have it, there was no online menu. I would have to brave going through the menu and ordering at the table. The restaurant was an adorable place, all wood and rustic interior. The menu looked wonderful to visit if I were on P1 ( loading days).. but quite difficult to manage. All the steaks were marinated and chicken was coated. The salads all included non pop items and would've looked suspicious if I ordered and picked at it. I found an appetizer that I could have- shrimp cocktail and decided I'd have a side of freshly sliced tomatoes with it. Unfortunately, the tomatoes that they had were soaked in dressing- so I went with some lettuce. shrimp on a bed of lettuce with fresh lemon and pepper. When the meals came, my hubs steak looked amazing. I could smell the marinade! I was confident that I'd made the right choice by not ordering it. My mil had ordered a shrimp, sausage, bean dish. Although it looked good to the eye I was again happy that I didn't order it. I felt good that I made the best choice that I could. My only concern was that it was past 8 o'clock and I was first starting to eat. When on protocol, I tend to eat my dinner meal between 5-6pm. I was nervous and scared of the consequences of eating so late. I was hoping if I drank enough unsweetened ice tea, I would still see a drop in the morning.
Dinner conversation went well. We joked and laughed and enjoyed our time together. My shrimp were delicious. I had 5 pieces. They were just enough. After we said our good byes and we drove home, I realized that I didn't have my fruit or cracker. I had decided I would have the fruit when I got home but skip the cracker today. I had an apple.
I went to bed with a heavy heart as I realized that I might have given up my loss by going out and eating so late. I did have 5 pieces of shrimp ( I probably would have eaten 3-4 at home) and then I had the apple at 10pm. I awoke early because of a sanitation truck and just kinda laid in bed for 30mnutes contemplating whether or not I wanted to weigh. I went into the bathroom and stepped on my trusty scale. NO CHANGE. no loss, no gain. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't have a small loss. But relieved that I didn't have a gain.
In the past, I have not had great losses eating shrimp, so it was a tough choice for dinner- but it was my best option. Next time, I will cut up an apple or section an orange to bring with me. Lesson learned.
I'm feeling good. I made the best choice I could and I am proud of myself for not caving in.

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