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Back in the saddle (again!)

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I'm starting another round of HCG drops and as I was checking out my blog posts from way back in 2011 (I've done a few rounds since then, but not with the same success) I thought I journal this round again as I think it helps me stay on track.

I did a round the year before last where I got quite close to my previous weight and but I didn't sustain it, that's the test for me.

So today is R5 Loading Day 2 and I need to get more calories in as I haven't eaten a bunch. I didn't eat a lot yesterday so I think I'll do a 3 day load.

So far I've had:

Wholemeal toast with tahini and tomato.
Wholemeal bread with bananas
1 peach
1 bowl of chicken and vegie soup (home made)
More bread & butter.

Am planning on having steak and salad for dinner and some spinach filo triangles for a snack midafternoon.

I've got a small container of double cream in the fridge, so might do a bulletproof coffee in the morning, and try to get some coconut oil in. I made some fat bombs the other day with cacao powder, cacao butter, coconut oil and toasted almonds and coconut. Will have a few of those two, but almost don't want to step on the scale tomorrow morning!

I want to lose 22 pounds or 10 kilos this round, and it's gonna be a long one.

I also want to train myself to do some intermittent fasting when I get to P3, let's see how that goes.

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