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Lovely Losers 2021- SENSATIONAL in September!!

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Good morning Lovelies! It's Thursday morning, about 8:30, weighed in 152.6, so down .4 this morning--now have wiggle room of .6 from Last Dose Weight--that's actually not bad for me, and hopefully tomorrow will have even more! Ha! Sometimes I don't have even that! Tomorrow at about 9:00 a.m. will mark 72 hours since last hcg injection, so could move into P3 for breakfast. Not hungry this morning. Yesterday, didn't eat foods off protocol, but ate additional calories, as I had double the protein at both meals. At lunch I had two leftover burgers (prob 3-4 oz each) that were prepared on GF grill day before yesterday (hubbs purchased meat and it was not low fat, but 80/20, so very good), and for dinner two of the tilapia steaks from Costco that I love that were leftover from night before again, double portions of protein. Earlier in the day I had coffee in a.m. with my Grissini sticks for breakfast, and an apple about 3 o'clock for afternoon snack. I was sure I was going to gain this morning, but at least I didn't gain, but dropped .4. Maybe if I had kept to low portions and 500 cal. I wouldv'e lost, but I didn't. But that's ok, it was like a high protein day. Preparing myself for added food volume. Ha.

Funny thing is I'm not even obsessing over what my first meal will be on P3, guess it will be breakfast, know it will be protein. Not eggs, as I'm not that crazy about eggs, just a meat protein and creamy coffee. And lunch will be a salad, with dressing and chicken. I'll probably make some burgers on GF to take in car to eat on drive to Virginia on Saturday, tho I could just stop at Wendy's and get a great salad and not eat much on way. First couple of days, not very hungry anyway. One thing I do like to do when I go to p3 is make a dip of mayo/mustard and a packet of stevia for sauce for chicken or beef. It is so tasty after plain chicken or beef. Fortunately, beef doesn't make me gain even on P2.

I told hubbs this morning that I'll be going to P3 tomorrow, and he said so does that mean you'll be able to eat then? Said yeah, more anyway. He asked, did you reach your goal. Unfortunately had to say, No, I didn't, goal was 150, and so far, only down to 152.6, so short by 2.6 lbs. Disappointed, but it is what it is. I'm ok with it. So 2 lb window will be to keep weight below 155, that should be doable. Hopefully!

Will check in later, hope everyone else is doing ok. I have to go to grocery, and need to shop a little for grandkids, always need to take a few things with me to take to them when I go--don't go that often!

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