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P2 of Round 1, 2021.....Continued

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Just note for my reference:

Started P2 in January of 2021, 2nd week of--during 30 days of P2 lost 22 lbs. Went on 2 weeks of Planned Interruption, and was able to maintain. So at start of PI was 185 and ended PI at 185. During 2 weeks of PI not once did i go over LDW enough to have to do a correction. So did great during PI, which I viewed as trial run of P3 since I ate only on p3 foods. Since i was off hcg for 16 days--I am doing a reload. Will note lbs gained during load after a couple of days. Plan is to continue on P2, HCG iNJECTIONS until Sunday, March 14th (last dose day) and thus ending 1st round p2, 2021, and onto bonafide P3 for 3 weeks/4 weeks. All that should be around March 17th when on to P3. I will reassess at that point to see what I lose in remainder of Round 1, P2. I will skip every 6th day on this finish period to extend p2 by only a few extra days on hcg injections.

I know it is not protocol to do more than 40 days, but it is really going to be only 2/3 days over protocol days, with skipping. I really feel like it will be ok -- as I already had a big skip of 16 days. And I will do the proper 3 weeks of P3 after this short span

Goal: to lose another 10-12 lbs. That would be awesome, and result in significant loss during the entire round! Good luck to me! This should be a piece of cake since first part of P2 was 30 days, and this one only 14 days? Mentally--just do it! I've done so well this Round, and during Planned Interruption--continue the process!. So much is mental. Have book The Beck Diet Solution being delivered Sunday--excited to read that, was recommended by Miss M on forum. She makes very good recommendations. I think it is a book on mental toughness in controlling eating habits. surely something I could benefit from reading. Good luck to me!

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  1. Geoffren's Avatar
    @pizza tower I don't maintain my eating plan for 7 days, it's a bit difficult for me because I can't arrange my time properly.