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Still Works, When You Work It!

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Well, I didn't blog every 7-10 days as I thought I would. Here it is, close to 30 days down of Round 1 (calling it round 1 since it has been so many years ago I did the protocol). And, it still works! Woohoo. Very low calorie
day #26, down 19 lbs, as of this morning. That's average of .73 lbs per day. So, yes Protocol still works.

Plans have changed since I first started this round. Original plans were to do a 40 day round, but I am feeling a little burned out, my vial of hcg is running out (I think it was mixed for a 28 day round). I'll be lucky to get 3 more days out of the vial, which would take me to 29 very low calorie days + my two doses while loading, so 31 dose days. I HOPE I can squeeze out 4 more injections, to make it a full 30 day round of very low calorie days, but I'm doubtful there is that much left in vial. Since I am feeling a little burnt out, and really would like to share a meal with a few friends, especially on Valentine's Day, I've decided to take a Planned Interruption. Which is going to be P3 eating, and will be 10-12 days in length. I don't want to go over the 14 days because I do not want to have to reload. Then I'll go ahead and mix another vial, even tho I think half will be wasted before I get back to p2 after P3 and P4 protocols. At this time in my rounds, my weight losses tend to go realllllllly slow, so I am hoping taking the break, and going back to p2 will actually give the last 10-11 days of p2 a little push to be more productive. We'll see. There really isn't a set date or lb loss I'm looking to reach, just want to get healthier, and feel better about myself and have my clothes feel better. Want to remember though, I'm not just a weight on the scales. I need to love and be proud of myself regardless of whether I look or fit everyone else's expectations, or weights on a randomized chart.

Been reading a lot this round. Seems like the forums are not nearly as busy as they were in 2010-2013, but there are still people here for support. Reading some good books that people on the forums have suggested relating to Emotional eating and Rehab through hcg protocol. Seems like I have a lot of work to do and it needn't all be attached to scales. Too, too much of my life has been influenced by my weight, how i felt at different weights, and what it kept me from doing! So many of my issues are emotional, not physical hunger. I know that, have known it for a long time. It won't change overnight, but it is definitely something I need to address. I've started this journey to get back to fitness, and hcg helps to lose the lbs, but the real work is beyond the hcg protocol. It is mental and I need to continue to read and work on my mental issues with food and diets. I wish myself luck! That is it for now, but I will post, for my own records in a few days -after the P2 portion is over, as I go into the PI. See where I stand at that time. Have never done a PI before, this should be interesting.

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