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Getting Bolder, Not Older and NOT giving up!

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I won't take credit for that blog title--I read that in a book someplace, at some time. But I'm borrowing it! First time I did HCG protocol was in 2010. Looking back on this site, I saw i did it some in 2013. Totally forgot about that time! Point being is time has passed, but I'm not going to give up and get "old". I don't feel it inside, and i don't want to look it outside either. Im often told I look better now than when younger. I don't know about that but I do try to be the best I can be at my age, or hopefully better than my age. I don't think of it so much as vanity , more as a sense of pride and well-being. When I take care of myself--diet and exercise, I feel better mentally. I'm happier. During these past 9-10 months of Covoid restrictions--I (like many other people I'm sure) Ive done what we were told to do-stayed in most of the time, , havent traveled, haven't even traveled to VA from KY to be with my family during the Holidays, and its really gotten me depressed. I don't take care of myself when depressed. And food becomes my friend. Not a good friend really because it works against me. So I have gained weight during this difficult period, and that feeds my depression. But enough is enough! Time now to reacquaint myself with another friend--one i made back in 2010--HCG! It worked so well for me when I worked with it properly. So here I go again. probably won't blog everyday, maybe not every week, but hope to blog some of my feelings, and successes--and prob some lapses, but i hope not many of those. I think I'm ready, no, I AM READY.

So here I go! Received my hcg last nite, Mixed this morning, took first injection. This time I'm also doing the lipo/B12 injection. Loading today and tomorrow. Contemplated not doing a load, seems I've been loading for several months now, but I read a lot and it seems to be recommended to do it while on first two days of hcg, period. So , Im pulling my arm and my leg, especially right arm to handle fork, to endure a couple of days loading without guilt! Ha such a hardship! NOT! Hubbs just called and think we'll order Chicken Alfredo from a really good restaurant in town.

Actually looking forward to this journey. And it is about the journey and not a certain number on the scale. It's gonna be great!

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  1. Tess911's Avatar
    Hello Dubbles,

    I can relate to using food for comfort. Unfortunately, I have allowed my need for comfort food to become extremely uncomfortable--I had a hard time tying my shoes. I had gained so much weight even my so called "fat clothes" did not fit. I finally had to do something drastic and get my need for comfort food under control. I enjoy the HCG diet for that reason. It is allowing me to get a handle on why I was eating so much without feeling like I am starving. I now meditate and reflect when I have a strong need for comfort food. I am learning to use music to soothe my soul instead of food. I am also learning to have a different relationship with food. I am trying to fuel my body versus stuff down feelings or lift my spirits with sweets. I wish you the very best on your journey and look forward to reading future blogs. Take care, Tess
  2. defiantaxe's Avatar
    When a want for comfort food arises, I now meditate and think about why I feel that way. Instead of eating, I'm learning to calm my soul through music. I'm also learning to change my relationship with food.
    fireboy and watergirl
  3. wellis's Avatar
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  4. Buckridge's Avatar
    @geometry dash meltdown Wishing you all the best on this journey! If you choose to share more updates, feel free to do so. Your story might inspire and resonate with others navigating their paths to wellness.