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P3 pasta alternatives

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For us who miss our pasta in P3!

I've found that I'm pretty happy with some pasta alternatives:

Spiral sliced zucchini: this is my fave actually. It really surprised me that it has about the same "tooth" as al dente pasta if you cook it right. After spiraling, quick-saute in a bit of olive oil and garlic. You don't want to boil or steam it, because then it's too watery.

Kelp noodles: made from kelp/sodium alginate. These are great. Crunchy like waterchestnut right out of the bag (No rinsing needed) so great for asian salads. But if you want them soft like pasta, just let them sit in something acidic (tomato sauce works) or massage a little lemon juice into them. (Note: if you are salt sensitive, this might not be for you since sodium alginate is, well sodium.)

Miracle noodles: made from konjac, which is basically a prebiotic fiber made from asian yams. Basically no calories and no taste. Not my fave but ok.

Spaghetti squash: I treat this more like a veggie than a pasta and mainly just oil it up and add some salt & garlic as a side dish. If you can do cheese, top it with parmesan. I'd rather have the zucchini fill the pasta role.

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