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The Right Dance Music, II

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I had success taking T3 at last. Down a pound the first week back in my LIW 2 pound Window.

Another two weeks and I lost that 2 pounds and finally hit LIW for the first time in three months of struggling. I did not have an instant heart attack and felt fine. No shortness of breath, no pounding heart. One pound a week is not exactly rocket to Mars speed...though it was better than the 1 pound a month that I lost doing low calorie, low fat, low food dieting originally.

I tried the 100 mcg for a few days and lost another pound and hit my Original LIW and have stayed within 2 pounds of it for the last 40 days. FORTY DAYS, CAMPERS. I think I hear angels singing.

I still worried that 100 was a high dose, so I cut back to 87.5 (3 ½ 25mcg tablets ) and have noticed no side effects—still no shortness of breath or rapid heartbeat, which is what I have been told to watch out for.

I have done a lot more reading lately, and see that T3 only lasts in the system for 5-6 hours, so the dose should be broken up, so not 100 all at once, but maybe 25mcg at a time throughout the day. Well, that makes sense! That's the problem with flying solo when doctors can't seem to help you. You can miss some of the little details that mean a lot.

Also, while 100 mcg is a higher dose, it seems it is not necessarily a HIGH dose. 75 seems pretty average, though taken in three parts of 25 each. Oh, so THAT’S why the tablets come in 25mcg each…!

Here's the disclaimer! This is not for everyone. Most people do great on regular Synthroid etc, or Armour, and then there are the few of us who just don't process T4 into T3 so we could take T4 all day long and never get anything our bodies can use. I'm trying to tell you that when it comes to thyroid, I'm a mutant alien hot mess, so don't try this at home. Or at least read up on it! It is so PERSONAL, so INDIVIDUAL, I can see how hard it must be for docs to prescribe stuff that fits.


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